New Yorker/comedian Mark Malkoff, most known for spending an entire week in an Ikea in Paramus, New Jersey, decided to visit LA recently. And like every comedian who’s ever come to LA, he didn’t want to shell out for a hotel, so he begged to crash on a bunch of couches. But, this being the guy who visited 171 Starbucks in 24 hours, he didn’t ask college friends, he asked celebrities (it probably helps to be an established comedian in this situation). He ended up having “celebrity sleepovers” or taking “celebrity naps” with a total of 13 notables–he slept in Justine Bateman’s treehouse and Dave Coulier’s car, he played Hungry Hungry Hippos with Martin Kove (aka Cobra Kai sensei John Kreese), he was Kato Kaelin’s first houseguest, and Ed Begley Jr. read him to sleep with his book Living Like Ed: A Guide to the Eco-Friendly Life. · Celebrity Sleepovers [My Damn Channel]


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