Actress Scarlett Johansson is now in direct competition with Kate Moss. Can you Guess whose net worth is the winner?    Well, here is the story.  Scarlett stopped by David Letterman‘s show this November to promote her new film “Hitchcock”. Among other topics were her new “Lucky You” horseshoe tattoo that she recently got on her ribcage. The photograph of the actress showing off her new tattoo was taken by the artist as a private photo, but was shared with friends. The photo soon found its way on the internet. Johansson, who is no stranger to have personal photos leaked on the internet, did not seem as upset this time around. She jokingly told Letterman she was embarrassed because the tattoo wasnt meant to be seen by everyone, just ‘the lucky ones”.

Well, do you believe that?  looks like these days being a celebrity with north of $10 million net worth is equivalent with getting a strange multi million Dollar tattoo on strange body location.   Given that Kate Moss was recently all over the news that at least a $1.6 million tattoo might now be inked onto her lower back, how much do you estimate Scarlett Johansson‘s tattoo might be ?!


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