Akio Nitori Net Worth is$Billion
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Nitori lA ha>>? tha>>?ng chua>>?i siA?u tha>>? bA?n la?>> hA ng trang trA- na>>?i tha??t vA A?a>>? gia da>>?ng na>>?i tia??ng ta??i Nha?-t Ba??n. A?AE?a>>?c thA nh la?-p vA o nA?m 1967 ba>>?i A?ng Akio Nitori,ta>><< ma>>?t ca>>-a hA ng A?a>>? na>>?i tha??t nha>>?, A?a??n nay Nitori A?A? phA?t tria>>?n thA nh chua>>?i 255 siA?u tha>>? (thA?ng 3/2011) phA?n ba>>? kha??p Nha?-t Ba??n,tra>>? thA nh ma>>?t thAE?AE?ng hia>>?u quen thua>>?c va>>?i ta??t ca?? ngAE?a>>?i dA?n Nha?-t. Va>>?i cha>>? trAE?AE?ng "giA? ra?>> lA chia??n lAE?a>>?c hA ng A?a??u", thay cho phAE?AE?ng phA?p tA?m kia??m ngua>>?n hA ng ta>><< cA?c trung gian, cA?ng ty thAE?AE?ng ma??i nhAE? nha>>?ng nhA bA?n la?>> khA?c, Nitori tra>>?c tia??p thu mua hA ng hA?a ta>><< nhA sa??n xua??t va>>?i giA? ca?? ca??nh tranh vA tiA?u chua?(C)n cha??t lAE?a>>?ng riA?ng, A?a>>?ng tha>>?i, ta>>? xA?y da>>?ng cA?c nhA mA?y ca>>?a mA?nh, A?a??m nha?-n ta??t ca?? cA?c khA?u ta>><< thu mua nguyA?n lia>>?u, sa??n xua??t, cho A?a??n phA?n pha>>?i, bA?n la?>> hA ng hA?a. Hia>>?n ta??i, Nitori cA? 2 nhA mA?y ta??i ViA?t Nam, Indonesia vA ma>>?t sa>>? a>>? Trung Qua>>?c.

Akio Nitori Latest News

Akio Nitori

Mr. Akio Nitori has been Senior Advisor of Home Logistics Co., Ltd. since May 2015. Mr. Nitori has been President of Deco Home Co., Ltd. since March 2010. He has been Chief Executive Officer at Nitori Holdings Co.Ltd. since May 2010. Mr. Nitori served as ...
Posted: October 15, 2016, 8:12 pm

Nitori Furnishes Japan

One trip to America was all it took to change Akio Nitori’s life and the future of furniture retailing in Japan. It was 1972, and Nitori, then 27, was the owner of two furniture stores on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. On a study tour ...
Posted: June 6, 2010, 5:00 pm

Nitori founder steps back, but not ready for easy chair

TOKYO -- Charismatic founders can be tough acts to follow. Some make way for their children. But Akio Nitori, who built a store in the northern city of Sapporo into Japan's biggest furniture retailer, has forsworn hereditary succession. On Thursday ...
Posted: January 26, 2016, 8:20 pm
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