Akio Nitori Net Worth is$Billion
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Nitori lA ha>>? tha>>?ng chua>>?i siA?u tha>>? bA?n la?>> hA ng trang trA- na>>?i tha??t vA A?a>>? gia da>>?ng na>>?i tia??ng ta??i Nha?-t Ba??n. A?AE?a>>?c thA nh la?-p vA o nA?m 1967 ba>>?i A?ng Akio Nitori,ta>><< ma>>?t ca>>-a hA ng A?a>>? na>>?i tha??t nha>>?, A?a??n nay Nitori A?A? phA?t tria>>?n thA nh chua>>?i 255 siA?u tha>>? (thA?ng 3/2011) phA?n ba>>? kha??p Nha?-t Ba??n,tra>>? thA nh ma>>?t thAE?AE?ng hia>>?u quen thua>>?c va>>?i ta??t ca?? ngAE?a>>?i dA?n Nha?-t. Va>>?i cha>>? trAE?AE?ng "giA? ra?>> lA chia??n lAE?a>>?c hA ng A?a??u", thay cho phAE?AE?ng phA?p tA?m kia??m ngua>>?n hA ng ta>><< cA?c trung gian, cA?ng ty thAE?AE?ng ma??i nhAE? nha>>?ng nhA bA?n la?>> khA?c, Nitori tra>>?c tia??p thu mua hA ng hA?a ta>><< nhA sa??n xua??t va>>?i giA? ca?? ca??nh tranh vA tiA?u chua?(C)n cha??t lAE?a>>?ng riA?ng, A?a>>?ng tha>>?i, ta>>? xA?y da>>?ng cA?c nhA mA?y ca>>?a mA?nh, A?a??m nha?-n ta??t ca?? cA?c khA?u ta>><< thu mua nguyA?n lia>>?u, sa??n xua??t, cho A?a??n phA?n pha>>?i, bA?n la?>> hA ng hA?a. Hia>>?n ta??i, Nitori cA? 2 nhA mA?y ta??i ViA?t Nam, Indonesia vA ma>>?t sa>>? a>>? Trung Qua>>?c.

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Akio Nitori Latest News

Japanese seek bargains as economy limps, Abenomics loses shine

At discount furniture and home accessories retailer Nitori Holdings (>> Nitori Holdings Co Ltd), chairman Akio Nitori said his company won't raise prices. "Once you lose consumers to your competitors with price hikes, it's hard to lure them back," he said.
Posted: August 24, 2016, 8:59 pm

Japanese retail giant in U.S.

Furniture accounts for about 50% of selling space and sales, he said. Nitori, founded by Japanese businessman Akio Nitori, and its new Aki-Home, have been referred to in the media as the "Ikea of Japan," largely because of Nitori's similar range ...
Posted: January 20, 2014, 4:00 pm

Furniture chain Nitori weighs buying into apparel market

The home furnishing retailer will look for a company with 100 to 200 stores as cash from operations has been increasing by as much as ¥30 billion a year, Nitori Chief Executive Officer Akio Nitori, 72, said in an interview Wednesday. Nothing specific has ...
Posted: February 10, 2017, 7:01 am
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