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Profession: Singer, Guitarist, Musician, Singer-songwriter, Artist, Songwriter
Date of Birth: Sep 23, 1970
Nicknames: Ani DeFranco, AniDiFranco, Ani Difranco, Ani di Franco, Angela Marie Difranco, DiFranco, Ani
Height: 1.575 m
Country: United States of America
Net Worth: View Ani DiFranco Net Worth
Ani DiFranco is a singer/songwriter, musician and poet with the net worth of $10 million. Ani DiFranco has earned her net worth in the recording of several studio albums such as "Not so Soft," "Little Plastic Castle," "Knuckle Down" and more. She has also recorded hit live albums such as "So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter," "Living in Clip," "Atlanta 10.9.03" and more, as well as her videos, poetry and her many other contributions in the music field. DiFranco expresses her views on politics and sexuality, as well as sexual abuse, poverty and more in her songs and poetry. In 1989 she founded the record company "Righteous Records," but soon discovered there was a religious record company with the same name, so DiFranco changed the name to "Righteous Babe Records," in 1994. In 1999 Righteous Babe Records purchased Asbury Delaware United Methodist Church just as it was set to be demolished, and turned it into a concert hall. They named this new venue, Babeville, and is the current home of the record company. DiFranco has performed with artists such as Prince, Maceo Parker, rapper Corey Parker and others. DiFranco is known as one of the first recording artist to have her own independent label and actually do the recordings in her own home. Ani DiFranco was born Angela Marie DiFranco in Buffalo, New York in 1970, and started playing publicly at the age of nine. She married Andrew Gilchrist, a sound engineer, in 1998, which ended in divorce. She married Mike Napolitano in 2009 and they share a daughter, Petah Lucia DiFranco Napolitano. They reside in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Ani DiFranco ( /'?:ni:/; born Angela Maria DiFranco on September 23, 1970) is an American singer, guitarist, poet, and songwriter. She has released more than 20 albums, and is widely considered a feminist icon.
DiFranco was born in Buffalo, New York, to Elizabeth and Dante DiFranco, who had met while attending MIT. She started playing Beatles covers at local bars and busking with her guitar teacher, Michael Meldrum, at the age of nine.
In 1989, DiFranco started her own record company, Righteous Records. Early in her career DiFranco worked with manager Dale Anderson, a writer for the Buffalo News, who started another record label called Hot Wings Records, after the two parted ways, that released similar sounding material. Her self-titled debut album was issued on the label in the winter of 1990. Later, she relocated to New York City, where she took poetry classes at The New School and toured vigorously for the next 15 years, essentially pausing briefly only to record albums.
Righteous Records was renamed Righteous Babe Records in 1994.
In 1998, DiFranco's drummer, Andy Stochansky, left the band to pursue a solo career as a singer-songwriter. Their rapport during live shows is showcased on the 1997 album Living in Clip.
In 2002 her rendition of Greg Brown's "The Poet Game" appeared on Going Driftless: An Artists' Tribute to Greg Brown.
Her father died early in the summer of 2004. In July 2005, DiFranco developed tendonitis and took a hiatus from touring. Her 2005 tour concluded with an appearance at the FloydFest World Music and Genre Crossover festival in Floyd, Virginia. She returned to touring in late April 2006, including a performance at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival on April 28 and a performance at the Calgary Folk Music Festival on July 30, 2006.
In 2005 she collaborated with fellow folk singer Dar Williams on "Comfortably Numb", a Pink Floyd cover song from Williams' album My Better Self.
DiFranco's album Reprieve was release

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