Bahrain Net Worth is40,300 GDP/Capital ($)
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Native Name: ar/????? ???????, ''ar/Mamlakat al-Ba?rayn''
Conventional Long Name: Kingdom of Bahrain
Common Name: Bahrain
Image Flag: Flag of Bahrain.svg
Image Coat: Coat of arms of Bahrain.svg
Symbol Type: Emblem
National Anthem: ''Bahrainona'' ("Our Bahrain")
Royal Anthem:
Other Symbol Type:
Other Symbol:
Image Map: Map of Bahrain.svg
Alt Map:
Map Caption: location color
Alt Map 2:
Capital: Manama
Latd: 26 /latm
Longd: 50 /longm
Largest City: capital
Official Languages: Arabic language
Regional Languages:
Languages Type:
Ethnic Groups:
Ethnic Groups Year:
Demonym: Bahraini
Government Type: Constitutional monarchy
Leader Title 1: King of Bahrain
Leader Name 1: Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa
Leader Title 2: Line of succession to the Bahraini throne
Leader Name 2: Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa
Leader Title 3: Prime Minister of Bahrain
Leader Name 3: Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa
Sovereignty Type: Independence
Legislature: National Assembly of Bahrain
Upper House: Consultative Council of Bahrain
Lower House: Council of Representatives of Bahrain
Established Event 1: From Persia
Established Date 1: 1783
Established Event 2: Termination of special treaty with the United Kingdom
Established Date 2: 15 August 1971
Area Rank: 187th
Area Km 2: 765.3
Area Sq Mi: 295.5
Percent Water: 0
Population Estimate: 1,234,571 Population Estimate Rank: 155th
Population Estimate Year: 2010
Population Density Km 2: 1,626.6
Population Density Sq Mi: 4,212.8
Population Density Rank: 7th
GDP PPP: $31.101 billion GDP PPP Rank: 91st
GDP PPP Year: 2011
GDP PPP Per Capita: $27,556 GDP PPP Per Capita Rank: 33rd
GDP Nominal: $26.108 billion GDP Nominal Rank: 91st
GDP Nominal Year: 2011
GDP Nominal Per Capita: $23,132 GDP Nominal Per Capita Rank: 33rd
HDI: url
HDI Rank: 42nd
HDI Year: 2011
HDI Category: Currency: Bahraini dinar
Currency Code: BHD
Time Zone: AST
Utc Offset: +3
Time Zone DST: ''not observed''
Utc Offset DST: +3
Utc Offset DST:
Drives On: Right- and left-hand traffic
Cctld: .bh
Calling Code: Telephone numbers in Bahrain
Bahrain ( pronunciation) (Arabic: a????U????-??U?U?a??, al-Baa,?rayn) (Persian: a?????-??U?U?a??, Bahreyn), officially the Kingdom of Bahrain (Arabic: U?U?U?U??(C) ??U????-??U?U?a??, Mamlakat al-Baa,?rayn) is a small island country situated near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. It is an archipelago of 33 islands, the largest being Bahrain Island, at 55 km (34 mi) long by 18 km (11 mi) wide. Saudi Arabia lies to the west and is connected to Bahrain by the King Fahd Causeway. Iran lies 200 km (120 mi) to the north of Bahrain, across the Gulf. The peninsula of Qatar is to the southeast across the Gulf of Bahrain. The planned Qatar Bahrain Causeway will link Bahrain and Qatar and become the world's longest marine causeway. The population in 2010 stood at 1,234,571, including 666,172 non-nationals.
Bahrain is believed to be the site of the ancient land of the Dilmun civilisation. Bahrain came under the rule of successive Persian empires, the Parthians and Sassanids empires respectively. Bahrain was one of the earliest areas to convert to Islam in 628 AD. Following a successive period of Arab rule, the country was occupied by the Portuguese in 1521. The Portuguese were later expelled, in 1602, by Shah Abbas I of the Safavid empire. In 1783, the Bani Utbah tribe captured Bahrain from the Persians and was ruled by the Al Khalifa royal family since, with Ahmed al Fateh being the first hakim of Bahrain. In the late 1800s, following successive treaties with the British, Bahrain became a protectorate of the United Kingdom. Following the withdrawal of the British from the region in the late 1960s, Bahrain declared independence in 1971. Formerly a state, Bahrain was declared a kingdom in 2002. Since early 2011, the country has experienced sustained protests and unrest inspired by the regional Arab Spring.
Bahrain today has a very high Human Development Index (42nd highest in the world) and the World Bank identified it as a high income economy. Bahrain is a member o

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