BMW , the ultimate driving machine , is one of the world’s most powerful brands in the world.  BMW corporation is now a $60 billion dollar business celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2016.  The following is a photo gallery of amazing BMW concepts including BMW M8, i8, M1, i3, Z5 and X9 in celebration of the upcoming anniversary. Hope you enjoy!

For your information, BMW M8 is a super luxury concept along with MW MT-58 Mach 1 and BMW X9 celebrity concept car as the next step in BMW’s pursuit of the ultimate driving machine with a potential debut in 2015-2016 when BMW turns 100 years old!  The BMW M8 is rumored to have the same platform as The BMW i8. If the M8 makes it to production, it’s highly likely that it’ll be extremely limited. According to Car and Driver the M8 will be priced around $330,000, although other estimates place the price closer to $500,000.

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