You might not believe this, but BMW really designed this concept BMW on paper for a 4-year old little boy named Eli who envisioned it with 42 wheels and 19 engines !  It is named BMW 4219 Eli and it has the following features:

– 42 wheels – all of them powered.
– 19 engines – oddly all of them from Porsche!
– Three different driver’s seats with three different steering wheels.
– and of course a trunk full of toys which also acts as a playroom.

Now that’s a cool BMW !   Thanks Eli !

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The request originally came from Eli, the four-year-old nephew of a Jalopnik reader, who imagined a ride with 42 wheels, three steering wheels (that can be used at the same time), and a trunk full of toys. And it had to be a BMW, powered by 19 Porsche ...
Posted: February 6, 2013, 5:31 am
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