The GINA Light Visionary Model is a fabric-skinned shape-shifting sports car concept built by BMW. GINA stands for “Geometry and functions In ‘N’ Adaptations”. 

BMW Gina Concept Car was designed by a team led by BMW’s head of design, Chris Bangle, who says GINA allowed his team to “challenge existing principles and conventional processes.”  BMW said the flexible, stretchable water resistant translucent man-made fabric skin – polyurethane-coated Spandex, is resilient and durable. It resists high or low temperatures, does not swell or shrink and the movement does not slacken or damage the fabric.  The body changes its shape according to exterior conditions and speeds, and it also allows the driver to change its shape at will. The fabric is stretched over a moveable frame;[1] essential shapes are formed beneath the skin by an aluminium wire structure, though at points where movement is needed (ducts, door openings, spoiler) flexible carbon struts are used.[1] The shape of the frame is controlled by many electric and hydraulic actuators, for example, the headlights are revealed when small motors pull the fabric back in an eyelid like fashion. As the fabric is translucent the taillights shine through it.

BMW has introduced advanced technology to control the car, which is actually controlled by electro-hydraulic devices. Interestingly, it can frequently change the shape under the hood of this concept car, which is very similar to flashing eyes. If you think about engine exposure, the hood of this concept car opens from the center. Though, it looks a bit odd than usual practice, it is quite interesting and funny.

BMW Gina Light Visionary Concept Car Textile Wraping 300x220 BMW Gina Light Visionary Concept Car  Totally a Different Concept Car that Looks Like Made From a Single Piece

BMW Gina Light Visionary Concept Car- Textile Wrapping

You may find this Gina Light Visionary Concept car very similar to the Z4 Roadster. But, you would be stunned to see its extensive images, how BMW designers have managed such a skin that looks like a normal sheet metal. BMW officials say that the Gina concept car does not only represent the design and styling of the future, but also it shows “creative freedom” of BMW engineers and designers.

BMW Gina Light Visionary Concept Car Interior 300x221 BMW Gina Light Visionary Concept Car  Totally a Different Concept Car that Looks Like Made From a Single Piece

BMW Gina Light Visionary Concept Car-Interior

From image views it becomes clear that the exterior of this luxurious cocnept bears only four major elements. The first one of the four elements covers the car from front to the end, whereare the second one holds the rear deck. Other two elements are rear quarter coverings.Futuristic seat desing has blessed this concept car with a new innovation. Look at materails attachment of this car; nice combination and stands to represent its uniqueness. BMW designers have smartly stretechd seats over a carbon frame. Semi-scissor door design and representation have added beauty to it. Most sutting matter is that there are no exposed hinges in its door design and other panels. Unique aerydynamic shape design with convex and concave surface finishes, make this concept more interesting and appealing.

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