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Conventional Long Name: Plurinational State of Bolivia
Native Name: {{native name/es/Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia /qu/Bulivya Mamallaqta /ay/Wuliwya Suyu}}
Common Name: Bolivia
Image Coat: Coat of arms of Bolivia.svg
Image Flag: Flag of Bolivia.svg
Other Symbol Type: 0.3em/Wiphala of Qullasuyu{{lower/0.1em/Article 6, section II of the new Bolivian constitution establishes the Wiphala as a national symbol of Bolivia (along with the flag of Bolivia, national anthem and coat of arms). See [ indgena boliviana es incluida como smbolo patrio en nueva constitucin/9741/ "Bandera indígena boliviana es incluida como símbolo patrio en nueva Constitución"], 21 October 2008, United Press International.}}
National Motto: es/"¡La unión es la fuerza!"/italics
National Anthem: es/National Anthem of Bolivia/nolink
Image Map: BOL orthographic.svg
Map Width: 220px / alt map
Image Map 2: / alt map2
Capital: Sucre {{small/(constitutional)a, }}
Largest City: Santa Cruz de la Sierra, {{coord/17/48/S/63/10/W}}
Languages Type: Official languages[ cpe aprobada en grande en detalle y en revision.pdf Bolivian Constitution], Article 5-I: ''Son idiomas oficiales del Estado el castellano y todos los idiomas de las naciones y pueblos indígena originario campesinos, que son el Aymara language, araona, Baure language, Chiquitano language, Canichana language, Cavineña, Cayubaba language, Chácobo language, Chimán language, ese ejja, Guarani language, guarasu'we, guarayu, Itonama language, Leco language, Kallawaya language, Machiguenga, Reyesano language, Moxos language, Moxos language, Moré language (Bolivia), Tsimane', Movima language, Pacaquuara language, Puquina language, Quechua languages, Sirionó language, tacana, tapieté, toromona, Uru language, Wichí Lhamtés Nocten, yawanawa, yuki, yuracaré y Ayoreo language.''url
Languages: Spanish language /Quechua language /Aymara language, and 34 other native languages
Ethnic Groups: 55% Amerindianb /15% White Latin American
Ethnic Groups Year: 2010 Demonym: Bolivian
Government Type: Unitary state Presidential system Constitution of Boliviaal republic
Leader Title 1: President of Bolivia
Leader Name 1: Evo Morales
Leader Title 2: Vice President of Bolivia
Leader Name 2: Álvaro García Linera
Legislature: Plurinational Legislative Assembly
Upper House: Plurinational Legislative Assembly
Lower House: Plurinational Legislative Assembly
Sovereignty Type: Bolivian War of Independence
Sovereignty Note: from Spain
Established Event 1: Declared
Established Date 1: 6 August 1825
Established Event 2: Recognized
Established Date 2: 21 July 1847
Established Event 3: Current constitution
Established Date 3: 7 February 2009
Area Rank: 28th
Area Magnitude: 1 E12
Area Km 2: 1,098,581
Area Sq Mi: 424,163
Percent Water: 1.29
Population Estimate: {{increase 10,907,778url
Population Estimate Year: 2010
Population Estimate Rank: 84th
Population Census: 8,280,184
Population Census Year: 2001
Population Density Km 2: 8.9
Population Density Sq Mi: 23
Population Density Rank: 220th
GDP PPP Year: 2011
GDP PPP: $50.904 billion GDP PPP Per Capita: $4,789 GDP Nominal: $24.604 billion GDP Nominal Year: 2011
GDP Nominal Per Capita: $2,314 Gini: 58.2url
Gini Year: 2009
Gini Category: HDI: {{increase 0.663 HDI Rank: 108th
HDI Year: 2011
HDI Category: Currency: Bolivian boliviano
Currency Code: BOB
Time Zone: UTC?4:00
Utc Offset: ?4
Drives On: right
Cctld: .bo
Calling Code: +591
Footnote A: See Bolivia#Capital.
Footnote B: Quechua people, Aymara people and 34 other ethnic groups.
Coordinates: 16A?42a??43a??S 64A?39a??58a??Wi>>? / i>>?16.712A?S 64.666A?Wi>>? / -16.712; -64.666
Bolivia (i/bE?E?lE?viE?/, Spanish: [boE?liI?ja]), officially known as the Plurinational State of Bolivia (Spanish: Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia locally: [esE?taA?o pluE 3/4 inasjoE?nal de I?oE?liI?ja], Quechua: Bulivya Mamallaqta, Aymara: Wuliwya Suyu), is a landlocked country in central South America. It is bordered by Brazil to the north and east, Paraguay and Argentina to the south, Chile to the southwest, and Peru to the west.
Prior to European colonization, the Andean region of Bolivia was a part of the Inca Empire a?? the largest state in Pre-Columbian America. The conquistadors took control of the region in the 16th century. During most of the Spanish colonial period, this territory was known as Upper Peru and was under the administration of the Viceroyalty of Peru, which included most of Spain's South American colonies, although the area enjoyed substantial autonomy under the jurisdiction of the Royal Court of Charcas. After declaring independence in 1809, 16 years of war followed before the establishment of the Republic, named for SimA?n BolA-var, on 6 August 1825. Bolivia has struggled through periods of political instability, dictatorships and economic woes.
Bolivia is a democratic republic that is divided into nine departments. Its geography is varied from the peaks of the Andes in the West, to the Eastern Lowlands, situated within the Amazon Basin. It is a developing country, with a Medium Human Development Index score, and a poverty level of 53%. Its main economic activities include agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, and manufacturing goods such as textiles, clothing, refined metals, and refined petroleum. Bolivia is very wealthy in minerals, especially tin. Bolivia has gained global attention for its 'Law of the Rights of Mother Earth', one of the unique laws in the world that accord nature, the same rights as humans.
The Bolivian popu

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