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Profession: Singer, Actor, Model, TV Personality
Date of Birth: Jul 15, 1963
Nicknames: Gitte Nielsen, brigitte_nielsen, Brigitte Nielsen, Nielsen, Brigitte, Brigitte Neilsen, The Great Dane, Gitta
Height: 1.85 m
Ethnicity: Danish Americans, Scandinavian American
Country: Denmark, United States of America
Brigitte Nielsen (born 15 July 1963) is a Danish actress, musician and reality tv personality, who began her career with appearances in the 1985 films Red Sonja and Rocky IV and is also known for her marriage to Sylvester Stallone. She subsequently appeared with him in the 1986 film Cobra, and was noted for her widely publicized breakup with Stallone in 1987, and her relationship with New York Jets Mark Gastineau in 1988.

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Brigitte Nielsen 2 Latest News

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Jordan on ‘Creed 2’: ‘It’s not just about revenge’ ‘The Russians ... Dolph Lungren returns as the elder Drago and there’s even an appearance by Brigitte Nielsen, who plays Drago’s wife in 1985 and was ...
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Brigitte Nielsen to Return as Drago's Wife in Creed 2?

According to a new report, Brigitte Nielsen has arrived in Philadelphia to reprise her role as Ludmilla Drago in Creed 2. Nielsen famously played Ivan Drago's (Dolph Lundgren) wife in Rocky IV, which ...
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