We heard a few weeks ago that singer/frequent tantrum-thrower Chris Brown had packed up and moved from his West Hollywood condo building, where he’s owned the top-floor unit and pissed off neighbors and the developers alike since February. The Daily (via Real Estalker) digs the dirt on where he’s gone–a three bedroom house in Lake Hollywood designed by architect Jay Vanos. According to an old listing, the house is only a couple years old and has an elevator, smart home control, green roof, “multiple land bridges,” and is “sure to satisfy the needs of the most discerning architectural buyer,” because that’s totally what you think when you think 22 year old pop star, right? The house backs up on open Lake Hollywood land, but Brown still has neighbors on every other side and “one resident” tells The Daily “A few of us are nervous about what is going to happen, given Brown’s track record.” Brown paid $1.55 million for the house. · Brown cows ’em [The Daily]

[source: curbed.com]

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