At Age 25

Acne microdermabrasion: $1,500
Facial-hair laser removal: $1,500
Botox for crow’s feet and frown lines: $1,000
Cool-fractional-laser resurfacing for sun damage: $5,000
Dermal fillers for lips: $1,000
Dermal fillers for dark circles under eyes: $2,000
Dermal fillers for flat cheeks: $3,000
Laser hair removal (non-­­annual): $3,000
Ultrasound cellulite therapy: $1,000
Stretch-mark removal (non-annual): $3,000
Rhinoplasty (non-annual): $12,000
Breast augmentation (non-annual): $10,000
Melasma lasering (non-annual): $5,000

Cost: $49,000

At Age 35

Large-pore dermabrasion: $3,000
Lip-line filler: $1,500
Frown-line, forehead-line removal: $1,500
Eye lasering (non-annual): $2,500
Semi-permanent derma-fillers for cheeks: $4,500
Neck fillers (non-annual): $3,000
Liposuction (non-annual): $6,000
Tummy tuck (non-annual): $12,000
Breast lift (non-annual): $10,000
Cellulite removal: $2,000
Stretch-mark removal: $3,000
Body laser treatment for saggy skin: $2,000

Cost: $51,000

At Age 45

Microdermabrasion facials: $3,000
Fractional lasering for discoloration (non-annual): $5,000
Dermal fillers for lip lines: $4,500
Dermal fillers for frown lines: $1,500
Laser skin resurfacing for eyes (non-annual): $3,500
Fractional resurfacing for sagging skin (non-annual): $8,500
Dermal fillers for sagging cheeks, neck, and necklines (non-annual): $9,000
Ultrasound cellulite therapy: $2,000
Mini face-lift (non-annual): $8,500
Redo breast implants from twenties (non-annual): $10,000

Cost: $55,000

At Age 55

Microdermabrasion: $1,500
Fractional lasering for skin discoloration (non-annual): $5,000
Lip- and nose-line fillers: $4,500
Frown-line fillers: $1,500
Laser resurfacing for loss of elasticity (non-annual): $8,500
Ultrasound cellulite therapy: $2,000
Cheek derma-fillers: $4,000
Body laser treatment for sagging skin: $2,000
Face and neck lift (non-annual): $30,000
Eyelid lift: $7,500

Cost: $66,500

Four-decade total: $856,500

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