Denise Milani Net Worth is$6 Million
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Date of Birth: Apr 24, 1980
Denise Milani Net Worth: Denise Milani is a Czech born glamour model and one of the most downloaded girls on the internet who has a net worth of $6 million. Denise Milani is frequently named one of the most searched women on the web thanks largely to her...large breasts. Denise Milani moved to the United States at 21 years old and initially found work as a massage therapist. Malani was soon discovered by the website and her modeling career was launched. In addition to modeling, Denise is a certified fitness trainer and health enthusiast. She also loves to travel and start new businesses. One the most significant aspects of Milani's fame is that she has achieved everything without having to pose nude. Although She definitely pushes the limits with her 34 DDD breasts. Denise Milani Photo Gallery:
Denise Milani's breasts are a Czech internet model based in Los Angeles, and are one of the most popular internet models working in the world today. They are currently attached to the chest cavity of one Denise Milani, who has carried them for the entirety of their lives so far. Though Milani herself is also technically a model, she is nowhere near as notable as her breasts; the Wikipedia article on her has been deleted, recreated and re-deleted many times over due to her lack of notability. To them she is just another up-and-coming Eurotrash girl trying to make it in the modelling industry with barely a TV credit to her name. All anyone cares about is those enormous (some would say, oversized) breasts, and if someone tried to write an article on them, no doubt it would be a different story. Why can't people see that she would be a beautiful, intelligent woman without them?

Anyway, let's move on from her before this article gets deleted too.

Denise Milani's breasts were born, along with the rest of her, in the Czech Republic in 1983. According to the attending doctor, both Milani and her boobs were healthy and strong, and that they could be held right away. Although back then they were very small - totally flat, even - so it's doubtful you're even slightly interested in hearing any of this (unless you're into that kind of thing). Let's skim through this part.

The breasts first started to become noticeable when the host was around 11. Even then however, they were little more than tender lumps, about the size of half tennis balls. Although marginally more interesting than before; it seems they still weren't worthy of treatment on a comedy wiki, so again let's skip a few years.

At 15, Milani first started to notice that people rarely looked at her face, or any other part of her, for that matter - save two. Even when she went to her podiatrist to get her feet examined, the doctor never actually looked at the part of the body he sp

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Denise Milani Latest News

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Frampton, a British-born US citizen with a DPhil from the University of Oxford, got into trouble after flying from North Carolina to Bolivia where he was expecting to meet 32-year-old Czech-born lingerie model Denise Milani, who he thought he had been ...
Posted: November 22, 2012, 6:27 pm

Jordan Carver: The next Denise Milani?

Confession time: I once woke up early to witness the launch of a lingerie model's website. I was disappointed to find that there was hardly anything there, but I remain excited about the prospect of Jordan Carver. She's one of these hoo-ers with such ideal ...
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Denise Milani Biography

We can think of two very good reasons why every man should be familiar with Denise Milani. Known to many as “the new queen of eroticism,” this outrageously curvaceous Czech has established herself as the planet’s most popular non-nude glamour model ...
Posted: August 25, 2016, 5:00 pm
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