These days building the country is not even the 2nd priority anymore and is more of a wishful thinking when it comes to bidding for presidential elections.  That is when super riches are running this country. Let’s not forget that Romney net worth is reportedly more than $250 million Dollars and Obama net worth is approaching $12 million Dollars. Now can you guess how much total money was spent for the 2012 presidential election race ?

Here is a multiple choice scenario to make it more exciting. We will refer to as genius if you can answer the following two questions correctly.

how much total money was spent for the 2012 presidential election race ?

1) $260 Million Dollars

2) $450 Million Dollars

3) $525 Million Dollars

4) $709 Million Dollars

Who did spend more on online advertising during the 2012 presidential election ? and How much ?

1) Romney spent $26 million Dollars more than Obama

2) Obama spent $26 million Dollars more than Romney

3) Obama spent half of Romney

4) Romney spent $52 Million Dollars and Obama spent $26 million dollars


Well, the following graph is illustrative enough to understand the staggering $78 million money spent for online advertising during the 2012 presidential election race compared to a $22.2 million in 2008 presidential election.

Also both candidates and all their allies and affiliates spent a jaw dropping $709 million Dollar for the 2012 presidential election race.


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