Perez Hilton, Vibe, and others are reporting that world’s most important couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z have laid down north of $40 million to buy Cher’s 1.7-acre walled compound in Malibu. This wouldn’t be quite as awesome as the pair buying Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch (as they were rumored to be doing in February), but it’s still pretty damn splashy. The property comes with a six-bedroom Italian Renaissance mansion with a gym and theater (with design by Ron Wilson), plus a walled tennis court, a pool, an underground garage, and a guesthouse. Cher first listed it back in 2008 for $45 million, then relisted a couple months ago for $41 million. Vibe reports that Bey and Jay paid $45 million, but the ever-reliable Real Estalker is skeptical: “Property records do not yet reflect a transfer of ownership and, children, keep in mind that Your Mama has many times been told by various players in the high stakes world of high price L.A. real estate that Cher has at least twice turned down offers in excess of $40 million.” · Beyoncé Buys Cher’s Malibu Mansion For $45 Million [Vibe] · Cher Selling Off Homes in West Hollywood, Malibu, and Venice [Curbed LA]


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