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The Dudesons are a four-man stunt group from Finland. The Dudesons are best known from their TV shows and live performances. Their TV shows are combination of stunts, comedy and reality.

The Dudesons consists of "four dudes from the Arctic Circle": Jukka Hilden (b. 1980), Jarno "Jarppi" LeppA?lA? (b. 1979), Jarno Laasala (b. 1979) and Hannu-Pekka "HP" Parviainen (b. 1981). All were born in the town of SeinA?joki, Finland, where Hilden, LeppA?lA?, and Laasala became close friends while attending elementary school together, where they later met Parviainen and George Hutton who makes brief cameos in the videos
As teenagers, the four became quite interested in snowboarding, skateboarding and downhill mountain biking. In the early 1990s, when Laasala got his first video camera, the group began filming their activities which eventually led to further pranks and extreme stunts. They created and sold VHS tapes which were filmed and edited by Laasala and subsequently their reputation began to grow in SeinA?joki.
In January 2000, Jarno Laasala obtained a job as an editor for a small Finnish cable TV-channel called MoonTV. He saw a possibility to make his own show out of all the stunts the Dudesons had filmed. After finishing high school, the Dudesons set up their own production company called Rabbit Films. The group immediately began shooting a self-financed pilot episode of their own show.
This pilot was finished in August 2000 and the channel immediately green lighted the first season, titled as "Maailmankiertue" (Worldtour). The episodes began airing in January 2001, and the series became the most popular show on MoonTV. In September, 2001, The Dudesons moved from MoonTV to a nationwide TV-channel Nelonen.
The 2nd season, called "Extreme Duudsonit, Maailmankiertue 2", was first screened in 2002, and the same year The Dudesons were also elected as The Media Persons of the Year by the readers of Finlanda??s most popular youth magazine Suosikki.

Dudesons Net Worth, 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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The Dudesons, who are the Viking forebears of the Jackass crew, have been TV stars in their native Finland for a while, but they recently took another step forward in furthering their YouTube careers. In Base79’s press release, the network promises to ...
Posted: February 14, 2014, 2:36 pm

Dudesons Set to Unload Positive Anarchy on Battle of Malta

When you're old, you don't want to be thinking about the things you didn't do. You want to think about the things you did you. That's what Finnish pals The Dudesons are all about -- even if those things include dropping your balls into a mousetrap.
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The Dudesons vs Minecraft

This might be the tamest thing I've ever seen Finnish pranksters The Dudesons take a swing at. Nothing explodes, nothing bleeds and the only things broken are some (impressive) cardboard Minecraft suits.
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