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Lake Name: Xinfengjiang Reservoir
Image Lake: The Wanlv Lake at noon.jpg
Caption Lake: A corner
Location: Heyuan, Guangdong
Coords: 23/43/35/N/114/38/51/E/type:waterbody region:CN/display
Type: reservoir
Basin Countries: China
Area: 370 km²
Depth: 28.7 m
Max-depth: 93 m
Volume: 13.98 km³
Elevation: 116 m
Islands: more than 360
Xinfengjiang Reservoir(Chinese: ae??a,?ae??ae??a??, lit. Wanlv Lake) is a man-made lake located in Heyuan, Guangdong, China, formed since the damming of the Xinfeng River (a tributary of Dong River) by the Xinfengjiang Dam. The dam is about 6 km away from the downtown of Heyuan and 170 km away from Guangzhou. It is the largest lake in Guangdong covering an area of 370 kmA? and it has a storage capacity of 13.98 kmA?.
Xinfengjiang Reservoir is known for its clear and almost drinkable water, such as that used to produce the renowned Nongfu Spring brand of mineral water(Generally, it is provided South China). Otherwise, the lake, which is famous for the name of "Wan Lv Hu"(it means a wide green view in Chinese),is an important tourist attraction of Guangdong.
Guangdong is located in the area of Humid subtropical climate and full of water resource. Before 1958, the Xinfengjiang River is an important transport line in Heyuan and Xinfeng.
Xinfengjiang Reservoir was founded in July, 1958 for preventing flood, regulating the river height and the shipping, irrigating the farm etc., and completed in 1969. At the time when it was built by the order of the local government, 6 towns and many villages were flooded. Thousands of local residents had to settled in other region, such as the higher land in Heyuan (it was a county at that time), Xinfeng, Longmen, Boluo, and so on. It was estimated that about 94311 outmigrated and 15524 were forced to move to the undisturbed mountains. The wealthiest area in former Heyuan County might be covered by water forever.
In 1984, Guangdong government allowed the lake to be a tourist attraction. It became a national park in 1993, the name "Wanlv Lake" was put forward to then.
Xinfengjiang Reservoir was used to supply clear drinkable water to Heyuan since the time it was built. However, to prevent the water from pollution, the local industry was limited. In 2006, 6 members of parliament put forward a motion that Heyuan people are b

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