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Date of Birth: Dec 4, 1973
Nicknames: Ferry Korsten, DJ Ferry Corsten, Digital Control, Funk Einsatz, ByPass, System F, System F., 4x4, Albion, Dance Therapy, Eon, Riptide, Free Inside, Kinky Toys, Moonman, Pulp Victim, Sidewinder, Exiter, Ferr, Ferry Corsten, Corsten, Ferry
Country: Netherlands
Ferry Corsten was born in the Netherlands and has an estimated net worth of $18 million dollars. A popular DJ and producer, Ferry Corsten is most widely recognized for his trance music and his weekly show, "Corsten's Countdown". He has DJ'd in multiple countries and was ranked as one of the top 10 Djs in the world by DJ Magazine in 2009 and 2010.
Ferry Corsten, also known under the alias System F, (born 4 December 1973) is a Dutch producer of trance music, in addition to being a DJ and remixer. He also hosts his own weekly radio show, Corsten's Countdown. He routinely plays at events all over the world with crowds in excess of tens of thousands. In 2009 Ferry Corsten ranked #7 on DJ Magazine annual Top 100 DJ Poll. In 2010 he dropped down to #9. In 2011 Corsten dropped even lower to #18.
Ferry Corsten was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He has produced and remixed under many aliases since the release of his first record at the age of sixteen, but he officially started to work as a musician when he was 17 years old. As a teenager he saved money to buy his first keyboard by washing cars, and selling mix tapes to kids in his neighbourhood. He later began to perform live performances with a friend and won his first award "De Grote Prijs van Nederland" at Holland in 1989. He eventually released a record with a couple of friends when he was just sixteen years old and later began releasing self-made productions while he grew up in Rotterdam in the 1990s, producing underground hardcore gabber tracks, later expanding into club-house and trance music. His first single to reach a chart position was "Don't Be Afraid" under the alias Moonman, which was only the start for becoming a composer as well. In 1997 Corsten and his partner Robert Smit established a dance label named Tsunami with the Dutch based dance company Purple Eye Entertainment b.v., this junction made the creation of another label possible; Polar State. Ferry Corsten was studying to become an Electrical Engineer, so he went to the Technical Training School and after that Higher Technical Education.
In February 1999 Corsten's second solo project, System F, was released on the Tsunami imprint along with the album Out of the Blue, including the same-named melodic tune that became a hit on dance floors all over the world, achieving a top twenty position i

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Ferry Corsten Announces New Gouryella Track ‘Surga’

Trance icon Ferry Corsten just announced that he will be releasing a new single under his alias Gouryella. This anticipating track ‘Surga‘ will be released Friday, May 3rd on Flashover Recordings.
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Ferry Corsten, Arguably the Greatest Trance Producer of All Time, Set to Play Treehouse

Many of Ferry Corsten’s nights are spent in full-tilt nightclubs with vodka-soaked dance floors. Ravers kiss trees, and reality is laughable. Sometimes, though, Corsten and his wife shop for ...
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