Here’s a funny follow-up to last week’s George Clooney-guided tour of George Clooney’s house–it’s a 1956 video of Frank Sinatra, the George Clooney of the 1950s, giving a tour of his house in Trousdale Estates (unlike Clooney, Sinatra uses the kitchen). Both clips appeared on Person to Person, hosted then by Edward R. Murrow and now by Charlie Rose and Lara Logan (why a show that can’t even gets its interviewer and interviewee in the same room is called Person to Person remains a mystery). According to the Facebook page of Trousdale scholar Steven Price, Sinatra’s “Paul Williams-designed stunner actually survived almost unchanged till 2006 — when it was torn down to make way for the ten-millionth muddleterranean mess to dot the Hills of Beverly.” A couple of Sinatra’s other residences are currently up for sale–there’s his alleged rental in Chatsworth and his Holmby Hills house, now owned by Paramount head Brad Grey. · Frank Sinatra Gives Edward R Murrow a Quick Tour of Frank’s 1956 Home (Rare) [YouTube] · George Clooney Gives You a Tour of His Fryman Canyon House [Curbed LA]


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