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Profession: Artist, Musician, Writer, Singer
Date of Birth: Apr 9, 1977
Nicknames: Gerard Arthur Way, My Chemical Romance, Gee, Uncle Jiggy
Country: United States of America
Gerard Arthur Way is an American musician and comic book writer with a net worth of $28 million. Gerald Way has earned his net worth as lead vocalist for the group My Chemical Romance; he is also the co-founder. In addition to his music Way is also the author of the Eisner Award-winning comic book The Umbrella Academy. He was born in Summit, New Jersey, and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.
Gerhard ( /'d??r?d/ or US /d??'r?rd/; French: [?e???]) is a male forename of Germanic origin, variations of which exist in many Germanic and Romance languages. Like many other early Germanic names, it is dithematic, consisting of two meaningful constituents put together. In this case, those constituents are gari > ger- (meaning 'spear') and -hard (meaning 'hard/strong/brave').
Common forms of the name are Gerard (English, Scottish, Irish, Dutch, Polish and Catalan); Gerardo (Italian and Spanish); Gherardi (Gallo-Italic, now only a surname); Gerard (Girard and Guerard, now only surnames, French); Gearoid (Irish); Gerhardt and Gerhart/Gerhard/Gerhardus (Afrikaans Dutch, and German); Gellert (Hungarian); Gerardas (Lithuanian) and Gerards (Latvian). A few abbreviated forms are Gerry and Jerry (English); Gert and Gerd (Afrikaans, Dutch and German); Gerrit (Afrikaans and Dutch); Gertjie (Afrikaans), and Geert (Dutch).
The surname Ge(e)rdes is a patronymic form, ie. "the son of Ger(har)d", that originated in Frisia around 1800.
The name Gerald, while phonetically similar to Gerard, derives from a slightly different set of constituents : ger and wald 'rule, lead'

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