Gong Hongjia & Family Net Worth is2,400 $Million
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Meihua Quan (Chinese: ae??e??ae??; literally "Plum Flower Fist") is a very common name in kung fu:
There are many Meihuaquan that have same origins: Ganzhi Wushi Meihuazhuang, Baijiazhi Meihuaquan, Luodi Meihuaquan, Wuzi Meihuaquan, Leijia Meihuaquan, etc. About the foundation of this style there are different tradition and there are a said that Meihuaquan has no single founder.
Ganzhi wushi meihuazhuang a??ae??a??a 1/4 ?ae??e??ae?(C) (can are translate Plum Blossom Piles of stems and branches) is a branch of Meihuaquan, that can are shorten in Meihuazhuang (Plum Blossom Piles). Ganzhi is a contraction of Tiangan Dizhi, then the name can are Tiangan Dizhi Wushi Meihuazhuang. Starting to the eighth generation master Zhang Congfu create a new kind of practise and the new way toke the name Xiaojia (Little Frame) in opposition to old manners that became known as Dajia (Big Frame). Meihuazhuang are divided into two sections: Wenchang (Civil Field) that work about theory; Wuchang (Martial Field) that work about martial tecnics, like Jiazi (frame), Shoutao (sparring exercise that train combat skills), Chengquan (combat choreography), Yingquan (combat), Gongquan, Ningquan (moving in war). Jiazi is characterized by five static positions (Wushi, a??a 1/4 ? five pattern or a??a?? five postures) intermixed with dynamic motion (Xingbu, e??ae-?) consisting of light rapid footwork and large flowing movements. With a simple expansive posture and built-in poise, Meihuaquan releases and strengthens the flow of energy to expand concentration of the mind The basic training methods of Meihuaquan are simple and strong yet relaxed and highly adaptable.
Baijiazhi Meihuaquan c? 1/2 a(R)?ae??ae??e??ae??(Plum Blossom Boxing Branch of Bai Family) is a Meihuaquan that are practised in South West part of Shandong Province. It is founded by Bai Jindou (c? 1/2 e??ae??, Pai Chin-tou in Wade-Giles) a Nine Generation master of Plum Blossom Boxing. In Taiwan this school take the name Beipai S

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