Henry Ross Perot Jr Net Worth is$1.8 Billion
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Henry Ross Perot, Jr. Net Worth: Henry Ross Perot, Jr. is an American real estate developer who has a net worth of $1.8 billion. One of the top 10 real estate developers in the USA, Henry Ross Perot, Jr. is the Chairman of the Board of Perot Companies, which oversees the manifold Perot family business ventures that include real estate, oil and gas and financial investments. Born November 7, 1958 in Dallas, Texas to an equally successful father, Ross Perot, he was only a child when he witnessed how the American dream unfolds in his living room. Inspired by the way his father built and transformed his Electronic Data Services into an I.T. juggernaut, Henry bravely followed in his father's footsteps. Once he completed his stint at the Air Force, Perot, Jr. started to buy land north of Fort Worth, Texas. Eventually, he acquired 18,000 acres and built a pioneering "inland port" called AllianceTexas. It was composed of an industrial airport, a giant rail yard, access to the Interstate and 30 million square feet of warehouses. But luckily for Perot that was not all as drillers discovered the giant Barnett Shale natural gas field right under his land. Since, he has sold off most of the natural gas reserves for $700 million and many of the Alliance buildings for over $800 million. Now, he has plans to build some 30 million square feet in Fort Worth and to carry out other major construction projects in California, Florida and Pennsylvania. Furthermore, he is going to develop a giant oilfield in the Kurdish region of Iraq through his oil company HKN Energy. Aside from putting his money in business, Henry has also united with his four sisters in the donation of $50 million towards the construction of Dallas' new Perot Museum of Nature & Science.
Henry Ross Perot, Jr. (born November 7, 1958) is a real estate developer and Chairman of the Board of Perot Systems. He is the only son of Ross Perot. His wife, Sarah, is the daughter of oil tycoon Jerry Fullinwider.

Perot was born and raised in Dallas, the son of Margot (Birmingham) and Ross Perot. He graduated from St. Mark's School of Texas in 1977. As a high school student, he won world championships in Tennessee Walking Horse competitions. After graduating from Vanderbilt University, where he was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, he served in the United States Air Force for eight and a half years. He then served as chairman of the Air Force Memorial Foundation where he led the effort to build the United States Air Force Memorial in Arlington, Virginia.
Perot, along with Jay Coburn, became Earthrounders when they piloted the first ever round-the-world helicopter flight. In a Bell 206 L-1 Long Ranger II, the Spirit of Texas, they completed the circumnavigation on September 30, 1982. Their journey began 29 days, 3 hours, and 8 minutes earlier on September 1, and began and ended in Fort Worth, Texas. Perot and Coburn were the 1983 recipients of the Langley Gold Medal from the Smithsonian Institution.
Perot has aggressively expanded the family fortunes, primarily through real estate. He became independently prominent in the 1980s through his development and ownership of Fort Worth Alliance Airport and the surrounding area (Circle T Ranch and residential community of Heritage), a massive project that helped make Perot a powerful force within Texas. This early success also empowered Perot to gain majority ownership of the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team, a decision that was largely based on Perot's desire to develop the real estate that surrounded the basketball arena. This real estate eventually became Victory Park. Most of his interest in the Mavericks has since been sold to Mark Cuban.
In March 2007, former Massachusetts Governor

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