BMW M8 is a super luxury concept along with MW MT-58 Mach 1 and BMW X9 celebrity concept car as the next step in BMW’s pursuit of the ultimate driving machine with a potential debut in 2015-2016 when BMW turns 100 years old!  The BMW M8 is rumored to have the same platform as The BMW i8. If the M8 makes it to production, it’s highly likely that it’ll be extremely limited. According to Car and Driver the M8 will be priced around $330,000, although other estimates place the price closer to $500,000.   

As reported by “The M8 would add much-needed fire to a brand slightly sagging under the weight of luxury demands. A tyre-shredding, carbon-fibre, sleekly styled Ferrari basher with 0-100km/h times in the low-three-second bracket and more than 300km/h top speed is just what M car dreams are made of.”  The platform of the M8 is BMW’s i8 eco sports car. Further, the structure could be made of lightweight material so that the M8 will achieve the 2,760-pound target weight and have a top speed around 200 mph. However, unlike the i8, the M8 will probably be powered by gas.

BTW, did you know that BMW corporation net worth is more than $60 Billion Dollars ?

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