Lindsay Lohan had been lucky to be born into a family who had been already economically settled. Londsay’s father, Michael Lohan, inherited his family’s multiple million Dollar pasta business after helping to develop it in earlier years. According to GetNetworth, he also previously worked as a trader in Wall Street.

At 3, Lindsay was signed to Ford Modeling Company, appearing in more than a hundred advertisements as well as campaigns for other brands including Calvin Klein as well as Abercrombie for Children. She was the very first red head child model signed through the Ford modeling agency, in contrast to the high demand for blue eyed and blondes in those days.

In spite of her developing popularity, Lohan’s family members were suffering from their very own personal problems when her father was charged with deceptive trading and was sentenced to four years in jail in 1990. This was just the beginning of the years of legal problems Lohan’s dad would face through the rest of 90s and early 2000s.

Lindsay Lohans Net Worth
Lindsay Lohan is a controversial actress, vocalist, celebrity that has estimated net worth of more than $1 mil. At the tender age of 3, Lindsay Lohan started her profession when she was signed to Ford Modeling. Lohan then made appearance in advertisements for many more brands and companies including Wendy’s, Jell-O as well as Abercrombie Children and Calvin Klein Children. Lindsay’s TV debut arrived in 1996 when she received the part of Ali Fowler in the soap TV series Another Globe. She then left one year later when director Nancy Meyers personally cast Lohan for starring dual role in Walt Disney Photos 1998 remake of the Parent Trap. Disney was so impressed by Lohan’s overall performance that she was offered to star in 2 more made for television movies for Disney prior to scoring her biggest role within another Disney’s classical remake, Freaky Firday, which grossed $160 million dollars globally. According to GetNetworth, this was the first major multi million Dollars deal for Lindsay Lohan boosting her net worth to near 10 million dollars in early 2000s.

Lohan became popular and a household name after 2004’s teenager comedy, Mean Girls that grossed $129 million worldwide as well as garnered Lohan 4 Teen Choice awards. Whilst acting, Lohan had been simultaneously focusing on a supplementary music profession, contributing songs to the mean girl and Freaky Fri movies. In January 2004 Lohan launched her debut record, “Speak” that reached the number four spot within the Billboard 200. Lindsay also released her very own fashion brand . Despite a huge professional and commercial success, her personal life has been in extensive turmoil due to a never ending sequence of alcohol and drug related legal problems. Subsequently, as reported in GetNetworth, Lindsay’s net worth is adversely affected to the extent that prior to appearing in Playboy in October 2011, Lohan had been reportedly near bankruptcy. She earned $1 million to present nude in Playboy. Lindsay Lohan net worth is currently estimated at merely less than $2 million.

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