Huang Zhenda Net Worth is$1.2 Billion
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Huang Zhenda Net Worth: Huang Zhenda is a Chinese businessman who has a net worth of $1.2 billion. Zhenda entered the billionaire circles in 2013 as the founder of Guangdong Liantai Group, a diversified enterprise whose businesses include construction, infrastructure and real estate. Long before rising to riches, Zhenda worked as a construction laborer in Shantou in Guangdong province in the mid-1960s. It was in 1984 that he established the Shantou Dahao Infrastructure Co. and in May 2008, he set up Guangdong Liantai Group. In order to invest in a highway in Hunan, the privately held company raised $241 million in a bond sale in March, 2012. Today, Zhenda's son Jianxun serves as company's Chairman.
Emperor Taiwu of Northern Wei ((???)?-????ae-??,?) (408???452), personal name Tuoba Tao (ae??ae???? 3/4 ), nickname Bili (? 1/2 ????), was an emperor of Northern Wei. He was generally regarded as a capable ruler, and during his reign, Northern Wei roughly doubled in size and united all of northern China, thus ending the Sixteen Kingdoms period and, together with the southern dynasty Liu Song, started the Southern and Northern Dynasties period of Chinese history. He was a devout Taoist, under the influence of his prime minister Cui Hao, and in 444, at Cui Hao's suggestion and believing that Buddhists had supported the rebellion of Gai Wu (??????), he ordered the abolition of Buddhism, at the penalty of death. This was the first of the Three Disasters of Wu for Chinese Buddhism. Late in his reign, his reign began to be cruel, and his people were also worn out by his incessant wars against Liu Song. In 452, he was assassinated by his eunuch Zong Ai, who put his son Tuoba Yu on the throne but then assassinated Tuoba Yu as well. The other officials overthrew Zong and put Emperor Taiwu's grandson Tuoba Jun (son of Tuoba Huang the Crown Prince, who predeceased him) on the throne as Emperor Wencheng.

Tuoba Tao was born in 408, while his father Tuoba Si was still the Prince of Qi under his grandfather, Emperor Daowu, without having officially been made crown prince but was the heir presumptive, as the oldest and most favored son of Emperor Daowu. (Tuoba Tao's mother was later referred to in history as Consort Du (ae????????), but was likely actually named Duguhun, as by the time that Wei Shu (the official history of Northern Wei) was written, the Duguhuns had had their name changed to Du by Emperor Xiaowen.) He was Tuoba Si's oldest son. After Tuoba Si became emperor in 409 (as Emperor Mingyuan) following Emperor Daowu's assassination by his son Tuoba Shao (ae??ae?????) the Prince of Qinghe, Tuoba Tao was assumed to be the eventual heir, but not given that title f

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