Jeff Gundlach Net Worth is$1 Billion
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Jeff Gundlach net worth: Jeffrey Gundlach is an American business executive who has a net worth of $1 billion. Jeffrey Gundlach graduated from Dartmouth College with dual degrees in Mathematics and Philosophy. He went on to attend Yale University, as a PhD candidate in Mathematics. He gained widespread notice within the financial community as the head of the TCW Group's Total Return Bond Fund. TCW is a major investment firm dedicated to providing high net worth people and institutions with investment strategies. While serving as head of the fund, he regularly finished in the top 2% of all funds invested. After being fired from TCW in 2009, he, and a group of his co-workers, founded Doubleline Capital. He now serves as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer at Doubleline, and is widely recognized as the most knowledgeable investor currently working with regards to bonds and fixed income investments.
Jeffrey Gundlach is the founder of Doubleline Capital, an investment firm. He was formerly the head of the $9.3 billion TCW Total Return Bond Fund, where he finished in the top 2% of all funds invested in intermediate-term bonds for the 10 years that ended prior to his departure. He was fired by TCW in 2009.Barron's in a February 2011 cover story called him the "King of Bonds." He is a graduate of Dartmouth College.
Jeffrey Gundlach founded Doubleline along with Philip Barach and 14 other members of Gundlach's senior staff from TCW. He was formerly co-manager of the $12 Billion TCW Total Return bond fund along with Philip Barach.
In 2012 he was included in the 50 Most Influential list of Bloomberg Markets Magazine.
Gundlach's Santa Monica home was burglarized in his absence in September 2012 and several pieces of art were taken along with some wine, five designer watches, cash and a prized 2010 red Porsche Carrera 4S. Some days after the theft, Gundlach added to a $200,000 "overall" reward a $1 million reward for the Piet Mondrian painting amongst the missing and a $500,000 reward for the Jasper Johns. The total value of the stolen property was put at $10 million at the time. Within weeks, a tip led to the recovery of the art works and arrests of suspects in the theft. The rewards -- with the one for the Mondrian being termed a record for a single art work -- were being said to have played a role in the recovery though no determination of payment had been made. The Porsche was still missing.

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Jeff Gundlach Latest News

‘Fiscal stimulus’ chatter is reason to be defensive: Gundlach

Jeffrey Gundlach, founder and chief executive officer of Doubleline Capital. No matter who wins the election in November, bond guru Jeffrey Gundlach thinks the idea of fiscal stimulus is here to stay, and he’s taken defensive positions in both stocks and ...
Posted: October 16, 2016, 11:17 pm

Billionaire Bond King Says Rates Going Higher

Yesterday, billionaire bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach said he thinks the days of negative interest rates are numbered. He was referring to market rates on the benchmark ten-year government bond yields, specifically in Germany and Japan. If he’s right ...
Posted: October 18, 2016, 6:27 pm

Gundlach says Yellen speech suggests accommodative Fed for longer

according to Jeffrey Gundlach, chief executive of DoubleLine Capital. "I didn't hear, 'We are going to tighten in December,'" Gundlach said in a telephone interview. "I think she is concerned about the trend of economic growth. GDP is not doing what they ...
Posted: October 14, 2016, 1:00 am
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