Jennifer Lawrence strolling in casual dress after an extremely busy and successful year which culminated in her best actress oscar win this year. She won the 2013 Oscar for best actress in leading role for her beautiful performance in Silver linings playbook. She is expected to earn $2 – $5 Million per major movie that she signs up in 2013 – 2013. Jennifer Lawrence net worth is expected to be 8 digits this year and should reach $20 Million by mid 2014 if she delivers similarly remarkable performance through her movies in 2013 including the sequel to her box office mega success Hunger games.


Jennifer Lawrence salary per movie and net worth

Jennifer Lawrence salary per movie and net worth

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Jennifer Lawrence salary per movie and net worth Latest News

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Oscar-Winner Jennifer Lawrence Lives A Surprisingly Frugal Lifestyle

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How a single-mum-turned-millionaire inspired Jennifer Lawrence’s new film

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