Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth is$800 Million
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Profession: Actor, Television Producer, Writer, Film Producer, Stand-up comedian
Date of Birth: Apr 29, 1954
Nicknames: Jerome Seinfeld, Jerome Allen Seinfeld, Seinfeld, Jerry
Height: 1.803 m
Ethnicity: Mizrahi Jews, Syrian American
Country: United States of America
Jerry Seinfeld is an American comedian with a net worth of $800 million. Seinfeld spent almost 15 years grinding out a career as a stand-up comedian. But he was a successful comic, the kind that regularly appears on the Tonight Show and David Letterman. It's true that the nine years he spent writing and staring along with co-creator Larry David and starring in his own television series Seinfeld was no cake walk. It takes hard work to create the most successful television show of all time. Of course the last ten years of family life and semi-retirement have been busy, and not always relaxing. Hey, it ain't easy becoming Jerry Seinfeld, but it's sure nice to be him. How nice? How about $750 million worth of nice. Yes, the hilarious Mr. Seinfeld has built quite the piggy bank. While much of his income has come from his eponymous show and its years of lucrative syndication, Jerry has also made millions as a bestselling author and public speaker. His endorsement deals have also hit gold; notably, he was paid $10 million to make a handful of ads for Microsoft in 2008. It took some work, but Jerry has also been successful in his private life. After dating a 17 year-old girl while he was in his late 30's, Jerry broke up a newlywed couple in the late 1990's so he could marry the lovely Jessica Sklar. The pair have been married for ten years and have three children. Together they share a $50 million estate in East Hampton, a Manhattan apartment overlooking Central Park and a home in Telluride. When he's not making his kids laugh, Jerry spends his free time tending a serious love of cars. He is one of the largest collectors of Porches in the world - he owns 46, including a $700,000 Porsche 959. Jerry's newest venture is an NBC reality show called "Marriage Ref". Married couples present real-life disputes to a panel of celebrities, comedians and sports stars, who decide who's right and who's wrong. The show is now casting. It's been a nice run for Mr. Seinfeld, and we're looking forward to seeing more of him.

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