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Profession: Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Guitarist, Composer, Lyricist, Rapper
Date of Birth: Aug 27, 1972
Nicknames: Jimmy Pop Ali, James Moyer Franks, James M. Franks, Pop, Jimmy
Height: 1.72 m
Country: United States of America
What is Jimmy Pop's net worth? Jimmy Pop's net worth is $15 million dollars. Born in Trappe, Pennsylvania, Jimmy Pop, also known as James Moyer Frankes, graduated from Temple University with a degree in Mass Communication and History. He met his future bandmate, Jared Hennegan, while attending the school. He is a founding member of the band, Bloodhound Gang, and is also their primary vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and songwriter. The Bloodhound Gang combines humor and music, and was originally a rap group, but has shifted focus since their launch in 1991. They have sold 6 million albums to date, all of which were released through Jimmy Pop's label, Jimmy Franks Recording Company. The group has changed members quite a few times over the years, and Jimmy Pop is the only musician that has remained constant throughout their twenty-year history. In addition to his work with Bloodhound Gang, he also performs with the DiCamillo Sisters.
Jimmy Pop (born James Moyer Franks, August 27, 1972 in Trappe, Pennsylvania) is an American musician, best known as the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, main songwriter, and founding member of the band Bloodhound Gang.
Pop was born in Trappe, Pennsylvania, and is of Jewish, German and Native American descent. He was raised Lutheran but ceased practicing as soon as his parents permitted him to. Apropos his Jewish identity, he states that he is of Jewish ethnicity but does not consider himself Jewish; "I have the blood in me, but I'm not considered part of the tribe. When my family came over here, on my father's side they were all rabbis. They changed their name from Hershell to Hershey and one of their younger grandchildren or whatever became the Hershey Bar guy. I never got any money out of it... I have American Indian in me and lots of German, which works really well with the Jew. It's just a big mixed bag. Somewhere along the line, my parents were raised Lutheran and as soon as I didn't have to go anymore, I wasn't into it. So I wasn't raised Jewish, but being in the music business, of course, I have Jewish managers. So I'm always up for the holidays."[citation needed]
In 1990, Pop graduated from Perkiomen Valley High School and commenced studies in mass communication and history at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, where he met Bloodhound Gang bassist Jared "Evil Jared Hasselhoff" Hennegan.
Jimmy Pop's humor focuses heavily on sex. Jimmy Pop's style of humor relies on a blend of shock value with pop culture references. His live humor represents this as well, including things such as wearing a Backstreet Boys shirt onstage, and putting out a cigarette on his tongue. He also has been known to tear off Evil Jared Hasselhoff's shirt at random intervals, once actually attempting to bite off the shirt.
Jimmy Pop is the public face of the Bloodhound Gang, and is the member most commonly interviewed. Unlike the others (most notably DJ Q-Ball), Jimmy usua

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