John Carpenter Net Worth is$35 Million
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Profession: Screenwriter, Film Director
Date of Birth: Jan 16, 1948
Nicknames: John Howard Carpenter, Carpenter, John, Rip Haight, John T. Chance, Martin Quatermass, Johnny Carpenter, James T. Chance, JC, Frank Armitage
Height: 1.829 m
Country: United States of America
What is John Carpenter's net worth? John Carpenter's net worth is $35 million dollars. Born in Carthage, New York, John Carpenter began making his own short horror films while in middle school. He attended USC Film School, but left early to work on his first feature film. During his second year at film school, he co-wrote, edited, and composed the score for the short film, "The Resurrection of Broncho Billy". The film went on to win the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film. He released his first film, "Dark Star" in 1974. The film's high quality, which was achieved on a shoestring budget, caught Hollywood's attention. His next film, "Assault on Precinct 13", was a hit in Europe, but took longer to catch on in the US. His third film, "Halloween", would finally establish him as a director/editor/composer of note. The film was made for $320,000 and grossed over $65 million at the box office. Throughout the late 70s and 80s, he wrote and directed a string of horror and thriller hits, including "Someone's Watching Me", "The Fog", "Escape from New York", "The Thing", "Christine", and "Starman". He ran into problems after that, and has not been as commercially successful since then. His most recent release was "Ghost of Mars" in 2001 and "The Ward", which screened at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2010.
John Howard Carpenter (born January 16, 1948) is an American film director, screenwriter, producer, editor and composer. Although Carpenter has worked in numerous film genres in his four-decade career, his name is most commonly associated with horror and science fiction.
Carpenter was born in Temecula, California, the son of Milton Jean (n'ee Carter) and Howard Ralph Carpenter, a music professor. He and his family moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1953. He was captivated by movies from an early age, particularly the westerns of Howard Hawks and John Ford, as well as 1950s low budget horror films, such as The Thing from Another World and high budget science fiction like Forbidden Planet and began filming horror shorts on 8 mm film even before entering high school. He attended Western Kentucky University where his father chaired the music department, then transferred to the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts in 1968, but later dropped out to make his first feature.
In a beginning film course at USC Cinema in 1969, Carpenter wrote and directed an 8-minute short film, Captain Voyeur. The film was rediscovered in the USC archives in 2011 and proved interesting because it revealed elements that would appear in his later film, Halloween (1978).
The following year he collaborated with producer John Longenecker as co-writer, film editor and music composer for The Resurrection of Broncho Billy (1970), which won an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. The short film was blown-up to 35mm, sixty prints were made, and the film was theatrically released by Universal Studios for two years in the United States and Canada.
His first major film as director, Dark Star (1974), was a science fiction black comedy that he cowrote with Dan O'Bannon (who later went on to write Alien, borrowing freely from much of Dark Star). The film reportedly cost only $60,000 and was difficult to make as both Carpenter and O'Bannon completed the film by m

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