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Native Name: ???,
Office: Eternal General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea (wikt:appellation)
Term Start: 11 April 2012
Office 1: List of leaders of North Korea
Premier 1: Hong Song-nam, Choe Yong-rim
Term Start 1: 8 July 1994
Term End 1: 17 December 2011title
Predecessor 1: Kim Il-sung (as President of North Korea)
Successor 1: Kim Jong-un
Office 2: General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea
Deputy 2: Kim Yong-nam, Ri Yong-ho
Term Start 2: 8 October 1997
Term End 2: 17 December 2011
Predecessor 2: Kim Il-sung
Successor 2: Position abolished, (Proclaimed Eternal Party General Secretary after his death)
Office 4: Chairman of the National Defence Commission of North Korea
Deputy 4: Jo Myong-rok
Term Start 4: 9 April 1993
Term End 4: 17 December 2011
Predecessor 4: Kim Il-sung
Successor 4: Position abolished as Kim Jong-il was declared as the Eternal Chairman on 13 April 2012
Office 5: Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army
Term Start 5: 24 December 1991
Term End 5: 17 December 2011
Predecessor 5: Kim Il-sung
Successor 5: Kim Jong-unurl
Office 6: Chairman of the Central Military Commission (DPRK)
Deputy 6: Kim Jong-un, Ri Yong-ho
Term Start 6: 8 October 1997
Term End 6: 17 December 2011
Predecessor 6: Kim Il-sung
Successor 6: Kim Jong-un
Office 7: First Vice Chairman of the National Defence Commission of North Korea
Leader 7: Kim Il-sung
Term Start 7: 24 May 1990
Term End 7: 9 April 1993
Predecessor 7: Position created
Successor 7: O Chin-u
Birth Date: 1941/2/16
Death Date: 2011/12/17/1941/2/16
Death Place: North Korea
Resting Place: Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, Pyongyang, North Korea
Party: Workers' Party of Korea
Spouse: Kim Young-sook (1974–2011)
Partner: Song Hye-rim (1968–2002), Kim Ok (2004–2011)
Children: Kim Sul-song, Kim Yo-jong Alma Mater: Kim Il-sung University
Allegiance: North Korea
Branch: Korean People's Army
Serviceyears: 1991–2011
Rank: Dae Wonsu (Grand Marshal)
Commands: Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army
Footnotes: aaa North Korean biographies, which claim his birth date as 16 February 1942, are generally not considered to be factually reliable. See #Death.
Kim Jong-il, also romanised as Kim Jong Il (16 February 1941; official biography claims 1942 a?? 17 December 2011), was the supreme leader of North Korea (DPRK) from 1994 to 2011. He succeeded his father and founder of the DPRK Kim Il-sung following the elder Kim's death in 1994. Kim Jong-il was the General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, Chairman of the National Defence Commission of North Korea, and the supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, the fourth-largest standing army in the world.
In April 2009, North Korea's constitution was amended to refer to him as the "supreme leader". His son Kim Jong-un was promoted to a senior position in the ruling Workers' Party and is his successor. In 2010, he was ranked 31st in Forbes Magazine's List of The World's Most Powerful People. The North Korean government announced his death on 19 December 2011.
Following his death, he was succeeded by his third son Kim Jong-un. He was proclaimed the Eternal General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and Eternal Chairman of the National Defence Commission in 2012. His birthday is a public holiday in the country.
Soviet records show that Kim was born in the village of Vyatskoye, near Khabarovsk, in 1941, where his father, Kim Il-sung, commanded the 1st Battalion of the Soviet 88th Brigade, made up of Chinese and Korean exiles. Kim Jong-il's mother, Kim Jong-suk, was Kim Il-sung's first wife.
However, Kim Jong-il's official biography states he was born in a secret military camp on Baekdu Mountain (Korean: e??e??i??e??i??e? i??i??) in Japanese-occupied Korea on 16 February 1942. Official biographers claim that his birth at Baekdu Mountain was foretold by a swallow, and heralded by the appearance of a double rainbow across the sky over the mountain and a new star in the heavens.
In 1945, Kim was four years old when World War II ended and Korea regained independence from Japan. His father returned to Pyongyang that September, and in late November Kim r

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