Lu Xiangyang Net Worth is$2.65 Billion
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Lu Xiangyang Net Worth: Lu Xiangyang is a Chinese businessman who has a net worth of $2.65 billion. Today serving as the Vice Chairman of BYD, one of the largest privately controlled automakers in China, Lu Xiangyang acquired the majority of his wealth through his wise investments in the automobile industry. Aside from being leader in the automobile industry, BYD is also one of the biggest manufacturers of cellphone batteries in the world. A majority shareholder in BYD, Mr. Xiangyang saw an evident increase in his net worth throughout the past year as the company's Shenzhen-traded shares more than doubled. In addition to the above, Lu Xiangyang runs an investment company called Guangzhou Youngy Management & Investment Group.
The Battle of Xiangyang (traditional Chinese: ????? 1/2 ???ae??; simplified Chinese: ?????????ae??; pinyin: Xi??ngy??ng zh? n) was a key battle between the invading Mongols of the Yuan Dynasty and Southern Song forces from AD 1267 to 1273. After the battle, the victorious Yuan forces pushed farther into the Song heartland. Previously for 30 years, the Song Dynasty managed to handle several major offensives by the Mongol Empire. The strategic significance of Xiangyang came from the fact that it was in a position dominating the Han river. Once the Yuan forces occupied Xiangyang, they could travel by ships down the Han river into the Yangtze river. After the Battle of Xiangyang, the Song Dynasty could not enjoy the protection of natural barriers any more and so it collapsed in just a few years, with the final battle being the relatively short naval Battle of Yamen in 1279.
The battle consisted of skirmishes, ground assault, and the siege of the twin fortified cities of Fancheng and Xiangyang in modern-day Hubei, China. L? 1/4 Wenhuan, commander-in-chief of the Southern Song Dynasty, surrendered to Kublai Khan in 1273. The conventional use of Mongolian cavalry was restricted by the woody terrain and numerous military outposts of the Southern Song Dynasty. Chinese firearms and cannons were employed by the Mongols in the victorious siege of Fancheng after capturing the outposts and relieving Chinese forces from Sichuan and Yuezhou, which broke through the siege but was eventually defeated. The use of the counterweight trebuchet by the Mongols proved especially effective.

Before the rule of Kublai Khan, the Mongols had launched military campaigns as far as Eastern Europe, and had conquered Russia, Siberia, Tibet, Korea, North China, Yunnan, Iraq, Anatolia and Iran. However, the Song China was difficult to conquer because of the strategic location of Xiangyang, which became a vital position for Kublai to capture and hold. The city guarded the waterways of Sou

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