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Native Name: ar/{{lower/0.1em/????????? ????????? ???????????}} ''{{transl/ar/DIN/al-Jumh?riyyah al-?Isl?miyyah al-M?r?t?niyyah''}}, conventional long name
Common Name: Mauritania
Image Flag: Flag of Mauritania.svg
Image Coat: Coat of arms of Mauritania.svg
Image Map: Mauritania (orthographic projection).svg
Symbol Type: Seal
National Motto: {{lang/ar/??? ???? ???2(Arabic),
National Anthem: National anthem of Mauritania
Official Languages: Arabic languagea
National Languages: Arabic language{{·Pulaar languagelanguages type
Languages: French language{{cite news /url
Demonym: Demographics of Mauritania
Capital: Nouakchott
Latd: 18 /latm
Largest City: capital
Government Type: Islamic republicb
Leader Title 1: List of Presidents of Mauritania
Leader Name 1: Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz
Leader Title 2: Prime Minister of Mauritania
Leader Name 2: Moulaye Ould Mohamed Laghdaf
Legislature: Parliament of Mauritania
Upper House: Senate (Mauritania)
Lower House: National Assembly (Mauritania)
Sovereignty Type: Independence
Established Event 1: from French colonial empire
Established Date 1: 28 November 1960
Area Rank: 29th
Area Magnitude: 1 E12
Area Km 2: 1,030,700
Area Sq Mi: 397,954
Percent Water: 0.03
Population Estimate: 3,359,185url
Population Estimate Year: 2012
Population Census: 1,864,236url
Population Census Year: 1988
Population Density Km 2: 3.2
Population Density Sq Mi: 8.2
Population Density Rank: 221st
GDP PPP Year: 2011
GDP PPP: $7.093 billion GDP PPP Per Capita: $2,178 GDP Nominal: $4.200 billion GDP Nominal Year: 2011
GDP Nominal Per Capita: $1,290 HDI Year: 2011
HDI: {{increase 0.453url
HDI Rank: 159th
HDI Category: Gini: 39
Gini Year: 2000
Gini Category: Currency: Mauritanian ouguiya
Currency Code: MRO
Country Code: MR
Utc Offset: +0
Time Zone DST: not observed
Utc Offset DST: +0
Drives On: right
Cctld: .mr
Calling Code: 222
Footnotes: a. According to article 6 of the Constitution: "The national languages are Arabic, Pulaar language, Soninke language, and Wolof language; the official language is Arabic.", b. Not recognized internationally (see main article).
Mauritania i/mE?rE?E?teE?niE?/ (Arabic: U?U???U?????U?U???a?? MA<The government of Mauritania was overthrown on 6 August 2008, in a military coup d'A(C)tat led by General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz. On 16 April 2009, General Aziz resigned from the military to run for president in the 19 July elections, which he won. In Mauritania about 20% of the population live on less than US$1.25 per day.
Slavery in Mauritania has been called a major human rights issue as well as female genital mutilation, child labour, and human trafficking.
The Bafours were primarily agriculturalist, and among the first Saharan people to abandon their historically nomadic lifestyle. With the gradual desiccation of the Sahara, they headed south.
Successive waves of migration to West Africa included not only Central Saharans, but in 1076, Moorish Islamic warrior monks (Almoravid or Al Murabitun) who attacked and conquered the ancient Ghana Empire. Over the next 500 years, Arabs overcame fierce resistance from the local population (Berber and non-Berber alike) to dominate Mauritania. The Mauritanian Thirty-Year War (1644a??74) was the unsuccessful final effort to repel the Yemeni Maqil Arab invaders led by the Beni Hassan tribe.
The descendants of the Beni Hassan warriors beca

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Mauritania Passes Law Mandating Death Penalty for “Blasphemy”

Mauritania has long been one of the worst countries in the world for freethinkers. Those guilty of “blasphemy” have been threatened with the death penalty, which is disturbing on its own but even more so when you realize how blasphemy is always in the ...
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