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Profession: Novelist, Author, Film Producer, Film Director, Television Producer, Physician, Writer, Screenwriter
Date of Birth: Oct 23, 1942
Nicknames: AudioBook - Michael Crichton, John Lange, Jeffery Hudson, M Crichton, Michael Chrichton, John Michael Crichton, J. Michael Crichton, Crichton, Michael, Dr. Michael Crichton
Height: 2.057 m
Country: United States of America
The late author Michael Crichton is one of the most popular authors of his time, and he has an estimated net worth of approximately $175 million to prove it. That may seem like a surprisingly high net worth, but if you see the number of bestselling books that have Crichton's name on them, you may find yourself wondering why he wasn't worth even more money than that. His career as a published author began in 1966 with Odds On, a novel about a hotel robbery planned by a computer program. Crichton's pet themes of technology gone amok and humanity's attempt to deal with it were present even at this time. Three years later in 1969, his first novel to become a bestseller, The Andromeda Strain, was published. That novel, dealing with a killer virus from outer space, later became a movie, which established Crichton as a creative force in Hollywood. But it wasn't until the release of Jurassic Park that Crichton reached true blockbuster status. Crichton's career has been divided between books and film, directing and writing a deceptively influential science fiction movie WestWorld, which featured killer cowboy robots malfunctioning at a western-themed amusement park, with lethal results. In 2008, he died unexpectedly after an undisclosed-to-the-pubic battle with throat cancer. His novels and films continue to be popular, and will doubtlessly continue to be long after his death.
John Michael Crichton ( /'kra?t?n/; rhymes with frighten; October 23, 1942 - November 4, 2008), best known as Michael Crichton, was an American best-selling author, producer, director, and screenwriter, best known for his work in the science fiction, medical fiction, and thriller genres. His books have sold over 200 million copies worldwide, and many have been adapted into films. In 1994, Crichton became the only creative artist ever to have works simultaneously charting at #1 in television, film, and book sales (with ER, Jurassic Park, and Disclosure, respectively).
His literary works are usually based on the action genre and heavily feature technology. His novels epitomize the techno-thriller genre of literature, often exploring technology and failures of human interaction with it, especially resulting in catastrophes with biotechnology. Many of his future history novels have medical or scientific underpinnings, reflecting his medical training and science background. He was the author of, among others, Jurassic Park, The Andromeda Strain, Congo, Travels, Sphere, Rising Sun, Disclosure, The Lost World, Airframe, Timeline, Prey, State of Fear, Next (the final book published before his death), Pirate Latitudes (published November 24, 2009), and a final unfinished techno-thriller, Micro, which was published in November 2011.
John Michael Crichton was born in Chicago Illinois, to John Henderson Crichton, a journalist, and Zula Miller Crichton, on October 23, 1942. He was raised on Long Island, in Roslyn, New York, and had three siblings: two sisters, Kimberly and Catherine, and a younger brother, Douglas.[citation needed] Crichton showed a keen interest in writing from a young age and at the age of 14 had a column related to travel published in The New York Times. Crichton had always planned on becoming a writer and began his studies at Harvard College in 1960. During his undergraduate study in literature, he conducted an experiment to catch out a professor whom

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