Michael Herz Net Worth is$4.7 Billion
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Date of Birth: 1946
Michael Herz Net Worth: Michael Herz is a German businessman who has a net worth of $4.7 billion. He is one of the owners of Tchibo Holding, one of the largest retail groups and producers of Tchibo products in Germany. Being owned by the Herz family, the company's profits were the ones to make the clan one of the wealthiest in Germany. Michael, along with his mother Ingeburg and his siblings Wolfgang, Daniela, Gunter and Joachim, came into great riches from their father's inheritance. The trio composed of Michael, Ingeburg and Wolfgang owns the Tchibo Holding, which is currently known as Maxingvest GmbH. The company also holds 50.47% of stakes at the personal care company Beiersdorf AG and coffee maker Tchibo GmbH. Michael and his brother Wolfgang mercilessly dedicated themselves to kicking out their other siblings Daniela and Gunter from the company in 2003. The battle for family fortune was marked by their brother Joachim's death in 2008. Reportedly, the most of Joachim's fortune was donated to charities.
Michael Herz is an American film producer, director and screenwriter. With Lloyd Kaufman, the two are the co-founders of Troma Entertainment, the world's longest running independent film studio, known for their comedic horror films, including the cult favorite Toxic Avenger series and the critically acclaimed Tromeo and Juliet.
Herz and Kaufman first met when both of them were attending Yale University. Initially, the two didn't get along; Kaufman has stated that the only reason the two hung out with each other was that Herz owned a pinball machine and Kaufman was the only person in their dormitory who owned a television. Regardless, he was cast in a small part in Kaufman's first feature film, The Girl Who Returned.
After graduating from Yale, Herz went on to study law at New York University. Although he was quite adept at the subject, he secretly harbored a desire to become a screenwriter. His girlfriend Maris, who was a friend of Lloyd Kaufman's, took Herz to see Cry Uncle!, a film that Kaufman served as a production manager on. Impressed, Herz contacted Kaufman and was hired for the production of the 1973 film Sugar Cookies.
In 1974, Kaufman and Herz formed Troma Entertainment. Together, they co-directed and co-produced all of Troma's movies from 1983's Squeeze Play! to 1991's Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D., when Herz relinquished control of the director's chair to focus on the business end of Troma Studios.
Herz is notoriously publicity-shy, allowing the more charismatic Kaufman to be the public face of Troma. Apart from brief appearances in the Class of Nuke 'Em High series, Herz has remained behind the camera. Whenever a Troma promotional video calls for an appearance by Herz or when Kaufman's not available, the character of 'Michael Herz' is played by Troma's iconic 500-pound actor Joe Fleishaker (in real life, Herz is rather physically fit).
With his wife Maris, they have one daughter, Sloane.

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