Mountain Man Net Worth is$400 Thousand
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Mountain Man net worth: Mountain Man is an American entrepreneur who has a net worth of $400 thousand dollars. Based in Louisiana, Mountain Man runs an air conditioner repair business and is the host of a local radio show. He regularly appears on the A&E reality television program "Duck Dynasty". He is the only cast member on the show who is not either related to, or employed by, the Robertson family, around which the program revolves. "Duck Dynasty" follows the Robertson family as they run their massively successful duck-calls business, Duck Commander. The elder Robertson founded the company in the early 70s, when the family was largely poverty stricken. It has since grown into a huge success and has made the family quite wealthy. The company now employs a large staff and is worth millions. "Duck Dynasty" aired its first season in March of 2012, and its second season in October of 2012.
A mountain man is a trapper and explorer who lives in the wilderness. They were most common in the North American Rocky Mountains from about 1810 through the 1880s (with a peak population in the early 1840s). They were instrumental in opening up the various Emigrant Trails (widened into wagon roads) allowing Americans in the east to settle the new territories of the far west by organized wagon trains traveling over roads explored and in many cases, physically improved by the mountain men and the big fur companies originally to serve the mule train based inland fur trade.
They arose in a natural geographic and economic expansion driven by the lucrative earnings available in the North American fur trade, in the wake of the various 1806a??07 published accounts of the Lewis and Clark expeditions' (1803a??1806) findings about the Rockies and the (ownership-disputed) Oregon Country where they flourished economically for over three decades.
By the time the two new international treaties in early 1846 and early 1848 respectively officially settled new western coastal territories on the United States and spurred a large upsurge in migration, the days of mountain men making a good living by fur trapping had largely ended. This was because the fur industry was failing due to overtrapping. Fortuitously, America's ongoing western migration by wagon trains with the goal of claiming cheap lands in the west was building rapidly from a trickle of settlers from 1841's opening of the Oregon Trail (now a wagon road) to a flood of emigrants headed west by 1847a??49 and thereafter well into the later 1880s.
With the silk trade and quick collapse of the North American beaver-based fur trade in the later 1830sa??1840s, many of the mountain men settled into jobs as Army Scouts, wagon train guides and settlers through the lands which they had helped open up. Others, like William Sublette, opened up fort-trading posts along the Oregon Trail to service the remnant fur trade and the se

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