Nicolas Cage Net Worth is$18 Million
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Profession: Film Producer, Actor
Date of Birth: Jan 7, 1964
Nicknames: Nikky Cage, Nicolas Kim Coppola, Nicholas Cage, Cage, Nicolas, Nicolas Coppola, Nick, Nicholas Kim Coppola
Height: 1.83 m
Ethnicity: Italian American, German American
Country: United States of America
Nicholas Cage is one of America's best-known and most successful actors, a man whose net worth of $18 million. He was born on January 7, 1964 in Long Beach, California and was given the name Nicholas Kim Coppola by his parents. He changed his name when he embarked on an acting career because his uncle, famed director Francis Ford Coppola was already using the family surname. After graduating from high school, Cage enrolled in the UCLA School of Theater and, in time, landed his first acting job. It didn't take too long before he was nominated for - and won - the Best Actor Oscar for his starring role in the filmLeaving Las Vegas. Cage has also been honored with the Toronto Film Critics' Association Award for Best Actor for his staring role in a more recent film - the 2002 release of Adaptation. While still a young man, Nicholas Cage has already appeared in sixty films. He continues to read scripts that he regularly receives from producers and film studios interested in his services. Nicolas Cage's house
Nicolas Cage (born Nicolas Kim Coppola; January 7, 1964) is an Academy Award-winning American actor, producer and director, having appeared in over 60 films including Raising Arizona (1987), The Rock (1996), Face/Off (1997), Gone in 60 Seconds (2000), Adaptation (2002), National Treasure (2004), Lord of War (2005), Ghost Rider (2007), Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009), Kick-Ass (2010), and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012).
Cage was born Nicolas Kim Coppola on January 7, 1964 in Long Beach, California. His father, August Coppola, a professor of literature, and his mother, Joy Vogelsang, a dancer and choreographer, divorced in 1976. He was raised in a Catholic family. Cage's mother is of German descent and his father was of Italian descent. His paternal grandparents were composer Carmine Coppola and actress Italia Pennino, and his paternal great-grandparents were immigrants from Bernalda, Basilicata. Through his father, Cage is the nephew of director Francis Ford Coppola and actress Talia Shire, and the cousin of directors Roman Coppola and Sofia Coppola, film producer Gian-Carlo Coppola, and actors Robert Carmine and Jason Schwartzman. Cage's two brothers are New York radio personality Marc "The Cope" Coppola and director Christopher Coppola. He attended Beverly Hills High School, which is known for its many alumni who became entertainers. He aspired to act from an early age and also attended UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television. His first non-cinematic acting experience was in a school production of Golden Boy.
To avoid the appearance of nepotism as the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola, he changed his name early in his career to Nicolas Cage, inspired in part by the Marvel Comics superhero Luke Cage. Since his minor role in the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High, with Sean Penn, Cage has appeared in a wide range of films, both mainstream and offbeat. He tried out for the role of Dallas Winston in his uncle's film The Outsiders, based o

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