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Native Name: ''Kongeriket Norge'' (Bokmål),
Conventional Long Name: '''Kingdom of Norway'''
Common Name: Norway
Image Flag: Flag of Norway.svg
Image Coat: Coat of Arms of Norway.svg
Image Map: Europe-Norway.svg
Map Caption: location color
National Motto: Royal mottos of Norwegian monarchs: ''Alt for Norge'',
National Anthem: ''Ja, vi elsker dette landet'' (de facto),
Royal Anthem: ''Kongesangen'',
Official Languages: Norwegian language, (Bokmål and Nynorsk)
Regional Languages: Northern Sami language, Lule Sami language, Kven language and Southern Sami language
Demonym: Norwegians
Ethnic Groups: 86.2% '''Norwegians''' Capital: Oslo
Latd: 59 /latm
Cctld: no
Largest City: capital
Government Type: Unitary state Parliamentary system constitutional monarchy
Leader Title 1: Monarchy of Norway
Leader Name 1: Harald V of Norway
Leader Title 2: Prime Minister of Norway
Leader Name 2: Jens Stoltenberg (Norwegian Labour Party)
Leader Title 3: Parliament of Norway
Leader Name 3: Dag Terje Andersen (Norwegian Labour Party)
Leader Title 4: Supreme Court of Norway
Leader Name 4: Tore Schei
Leader Title 5: Norwegian parliamentary election, 2009
Leader Name 5: Red-Green Coalition
Legislature: Parliament of Norway
State Religion: Church of Norway
Established Event 1: Unification of Norway
Established Date 1: Battle of Hafrsfjord
Established Event 2: Constitution of Norway
Established Date 2: 17 May 1814
Established Event 3: Dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 1905 of Union between Sweden and Norway
Established Date 3: 7 June 1905
Established Event 4: Restoration from Reichskommissariat Norwegen
Established Date 4: 8 May 1945
Area Rank: 61st1
Area Magnitude: 1 E11
Area Km 2: 385,252
Area Sq Mi: 148,746
Percent Water: 7.03
Population Census: 5,033,675 title
Population Census Year: 2012
Population Density Km 2: 15.5
Population Density Sq Mi: 35
Population Density Rank: 213th
GDP PPP Year: 2011
GDP PPP: $265.911 billion GDP PPP Per Capita: $53,470 GDP Nominal: $483.650 billion GDP Nominal Year: 2011
GDP Nominal Per Capita: $97,254 Gini Year: 2000
Gini: 25.8
Gini Rank: 5th
Gini Category: HDI Year: 2011
HDI: url
HDI Rank: 1st
HDI Category: Currency: Norwegian krone
Currency Code: NOK
Time Zone: Central European Time
Utc Offset: +1
Time Zone DST: Central European Summer Time
Utc Offset DST: +2
Date Format:
Drives On: right
Cctld: .no2
Calling Code: Telephone numbers in Norway
Footnote 1: Includes Svalbard and Jan Mayen. (Without these two areas, the area of Norway is 323,802 km2, placing it 67th in the world. Footnote 2: Two more TLDs have been assigned, but Wikipedia:As of not used: .sj for Svalbard and Jan Mayen; .bv for Bouvet Island.
Footnote 3: This percentage is for the mainland and also includes glaciersurl
Norway i/E?nE?rweE?/ (Norwegian: Norge (BokmA?l) or Noreg (Nynorsk)), officially the Kingdom of Norway, is a Scandinavian unitary constitutional monarchy whose territory comprises the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula, Jan Mayen, the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard and the subantarctic Bouvet Island.[note 1] Norway has a total area of 385,252 square kilometres (148,747 sq mi) and a population of about 5 million. It is the second least densely populated country in Europe. The majority of the country shares a border to the east with Sweden; its northernmost region is bordered by Finland to the south and Russia to the east; in its south Norway borders the Skagerrak Strait across from Denmark. The capital city of Norway is Oslo. Norway's extensive coastline, facing the North Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea, is home to its famous fjords.
Two centuries of Viking raids tapered off following the adoption of Christianity by King Olav Tryggvason in 994. A period of civil war ended in the 13th century when Norway expanded its control overseas to parts of Britain, Ireland, Iceland, and Greenland. Norwegian territorial power peaked in 1265, but competition from the Hanseatic League and the spread of the Black Death weakened the country. In 1380, Norway was absorbed into a union with Denmark that lasted more than four centuries. In 1814, Norwegians resisted the cession of their country to Sweden and adopted a new constitution. Sweden then invaded Norway but agreed to let Norway keep its constitution in return for accepting the union under a Swedish king. Rising nationalism throughout the 19th century led to a 1905 referendum granting Norway independence. Although Norway remained neutral in World War I, it suffered heavy losses to its shipping. Norway proclaimed its neutrality at the outset of World War II, but was nonetheless occupied for five years by the Third Reich. In 1949, neutrality was abandoned and Norway became a founding member of NATO. Discovery of o

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