Image via the Paul R. Williams ProjectThe ever-reliable Real Estalker hears that PayPal co-founder and early Facebook investor Peter Thiel has bought a Paul Williams-designed house above the Sunset Strip. (Thiel is well-known to slavish techies, but for civilians: he believes in artificial, Libertarian islands; that college students can fix higher education by dropping out and starting Facebook; and that Meg Whitman should be governor of California.) Word is that he’s bought the Dave Chasen Residence, originally built in 1954 for the famous restaurateur and his wife Maude. Williams designed for them “a 6000-square-foot home with a few over-sized rooms and walls of glass showcasing the ‘heart-stopping vistas.’ The open floor-plan, multiple levels, interesting angles, curved walls, beamed ceilings…and native materials such as hand-split cedar shakes and Palos Verdes stone inside and out gave the home a modern California feel,” according to the Paul R. Williams Project.Last property records checked in, the Chasen Residence had four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a pool with a glorious view, all sitting on 1.23 acres. According to Your Mama at RE, an owner in the nineties added a two-story wing to the west side of the house, and the last owners commissioned a design facelift by Neil Korpinen and Rick Erickson. The sale to Thiel looks to have closed in February; it’s rumored he paid about $11 million. · Real Estate Round Up: Peter Thiel [Real Estalker] · Dave Chasen Residence, Los Angeles, CA [Paul R. Williams Project]


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