Poland Net Worth is18,800 GDP/Capital ($)
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Native Name: pl/Rzeczpospolita Polska/icon
Conventional Long Name: Republic of Poland
Common Name: Poland
Flag Border: Flag of Poland (normative).svg
Image Flag: Flag of Poland.svg
Image Coat: Herb Polski.svg
Image Map: EU-Poland.svg
Map Caption: location color
National Anthem:

Languages Type: Official language(s)
Languages: Polish language
Languages 2 Type: Regional language(s)
Languages 2: Kashubian language
Capital: Warsaw
Latd: 52/latm
Largest City: capital
Demonym: Poles
Government Type: Parliamentary republic
Leader Title 1: President of Poland
Leader Title 2: Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland
Leader Name 1: Bronis?aw Komorowski
Leader Name 2: Donald Tusk
Legislature: National Assembly of the Republic of Poland
Upper House: Senate of the Republic of Poland
Lower House: Sejm of the Republic of Poland
Accession EUdate: 1 May 2004
EUseats: 54
Area Rank: 69th
Area Magnitude: 1 E11
Area Km 2: 312685
Area Sq Mi: 120,696.41
Area Footnote: d/d
Percent Water: 3.07
Population Estimate: 38,186,860 Population Estimate Rank: 34th
Population Estimate Year: 2010
Population Census: 38,501,000
Population Census Year: 2011
Population Density Km 2: 120
Population Density Sq Mi: 319.9
Population Density Rank: 83rd
GDP PPP Year: 2011
GDP PPP: $771.658 billion GDP PPP Per Capita: $20,334 GDP Nominal Year: 2011
GDP Nominal: $513.821 billion GDP Nominal Per Capita: $13,540 HDI Year: 2011
HDI: HDI rank
HDI Category: Gini: List of countries by income equality
Gini Year: 2002
Gini Category: Sovereignty Type: Formation
Established Event 1: Baptism of Poland{{Ref label/c/c
Established Event 2: Kingdom of Poland (1025–1385)
Established Event 3: Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth
Established Event 4: Partitions of Poland
Established Event 5: Duchy of Warsaw
Established Event 6: Congress Poland
Established Event 7: History of Poland (1918–1939)
Established Event 8: Invasion of Poland, World War II
Established Event 9: People's Republic of Poland
Established Event 10: History of Poland (1989–present)
Established Date 1: April 14, 966
Established Date 2: April 18, 1025
Established Date 3: July 1, 1569
Established Date 4: October 24, 1795
Established Date 5: July 22, 1807
Established Date 6: June 9, 1815
Established Date 7: November 11, 1918
Established Date 8: September 1, 1939
Established Date 9: April 8, 1945
Established Date 10: September 13, 1989 –
Currency: Polish z?oty
Currency Code: PLN
Time Zone: Central European Time
Utc Offset: +1
Time Zone DST: Central European Summer Time
Utc Offset DST: +2
Ethnic Groups: 91.56% Poles, 7.24% Other Ethnic Groups Year: 2011
Drives On: right
Cctld: .pl
Calling Code: Telephone numbers in Poland
Footnote 1: a/a See, however, Unofficial mottos of Poland.
Footnote 2: b/b Although not official languages, Belarusian language, Kashubian language, Lithuanian language and German language are used in Bilingual communes in Poland.
Footnote 3: c/c The adoption of Christianity in Poland is seen by many Poles, regardless of their religious affiliation or lack thereof, as one of the most significant national historical events; the new religion was used to unify the tribes in the region.

Poland Latest News

FIFA World Rankings: Poland Rises to Record 15th Place

WARSAW, Poland. October 20 (PSN) – The Polish national team has never in its history been ranked so high up as they are now in the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking. Adam Nawalka’s team has been promoted to fifteenth place in the latest FIFA World Ranking ...
Posted: October 20, 2016, 6:53 pm

Hundreds mourn top filmmaker Andrzej Wajda in Poland

KRAKOW, Poland – Hundreds of people including politicians, actors and family packed into a Polish church Wednesday to mourn the death of Poland's leading filmmaker Andrzej Wajda, an honorary Oscar winner. A metal urn with Wajda's ashes, surrounded by ...
Posted: October 19, 2016, 1:00 am

Liberty Global to Acquire Poland's Multimedia for $760M

John Malone's international cable operator is already the country's largest cable firm, with its UPC Poland providing 2.9 million subscriptions to 1.4 million unique customers. John Malone's Liberty Global said late Tuesday that it has agreed to acquire ...
Posted: October 19, 2016, 7:03 am
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