Priscilla Chan Net Worth is$19 Billion
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Date of Birth: 1985
Priscilla Chan (not to be confused with the Hong Kong pop singer of the same name), has a net worth of $19 billion. That net worth is of course mostly explained by her recent marriage to founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, who famously became a billionaire thanks to the mega popular website he created. But Chan has had a pretty interesting career in her own right as a medical student. Her commitment to medicine and health, according to popular lore, influenced Zuckerberg in adding an organ donor registry to Facebook. Chan met Zuckerberg while studying biology at Harvard, which she later graduated from with a degree in that field of study. After teaching science for about a year, Chan decided to go to medical school at the University of California, San Francisco. Having only just recently graduated in the spring of 2012, she is set to begin her career as a pediatrician very soon. Her career choice is all the more commendable given that as the wife of the ulta-rich Zuckerberg, she doesnt have to work at all and yet she chose a career that will allow her to help many children and their families. Its not every day you see that kind of altruism in the rich and famous.
Priscilla Chan Wai-han is a female Cantopop singer in Hong Kong.
Chan has a younger brother and sister. Her father is a retired senior officer of Hong Kong Immigration Service. She attended Marymount Secondary School in Happy Valley, Hong Kong (formerly known as Maryknoll Sisters School). Active in extracurricular activities and pastimes, as a teenager she would often enter singing contests, and eventually got discovered by a recording company. She currently lives in Happy Valley, Hong Kong.[citation needed] She is known for expressing great passion and emotion in her love songs, of which many are cantopop classics.
Chan started her life as a professional singer when she was 18 in 1983. Her first song was titled "Forgotten Promise" (逝去的諾言), which is recorded in an album "Girl Magazine" (少女雜誌) that also featuring two other newcomers. The song propelled Chan's career; thus, she released her own first album "The Feelings of a Story" (故事的感覺) in 1984. The next year, she released "Priscilla", which included the hit "Flower Shop" (花店). In 1986, the album "Revolt" (反叛) had several classics and push Chan to new heights. Song included "Dancing Street" (跳舞街) (a version of Angie Gold's "Eat You Up" but based production wise, on Yōko Oginome's version, titled "Dancing Hero" (ダンシング・ヒーロー)), "Loving Accident" (痴情意外), "Love Me Once Again", "Revolt" (反叛), and "Hugging with Tears" (與淚抱擁). Chan had a rough 1987, but she rebounded nicely in 1988 with the album 嫻情 1988, and the song "Silly Girl" (傻女, a Cantonese rework version of the Spanish song "La Loca" by María Conchita Alonso) that first confirmed her status as a serious contender in the golden age of Cantopop. "Silly Girl" was re-made into a disco-version by a newcomer in H

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