Qi Jinxing Net Worth is$975 Million
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Qi Jinxing Net Worth: Qi Jinxing is a Japanese entrepreneur who has a net worth of $975 million. The chairman of Hangzhou Binjiang Real Estate Group, Qi Jinxing made a comeback to the billionaire circles in 2013, following a wide increase in real estate stocks in China and healthy sales of his own new projects. In the first nine months of 2012, he saw an incredible boost in the net worth of his Hangzhou Binjiang Real Estate Group, as it surged by 187% to $59.5 million, on sales that almost doubled reaching $308 million. To develop today's billion-dollar enterprise, Jinxing needed more than 19 years of devoted work. Initially, he had a job in a government district office and it was in 1996 when he turned down a bigger government position to establish Hangzhou Binjing Real Estate Group. The company, which has never ceased to grow, listed its shares at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in May 2008. In recent times, the group declared its intention to build up business close to home in Hangzhou by purchasing two parcels of land in the tourist haven worth $267 million. Business aside, Qi Jinxing via his Hangzhou Binjiang Investment Holding backed cancer-treatment firm Ascletis, which formed a partnership with Nasdaq-listed Alnylam Pharmaceuticals last year in an attempt to develop drugs to fight liver cancer.
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Xiao Daocheng was born in 427. His ancestors traced their line to the famed Han Dynasty prime minister Xiao He. If their records were accurate, Xiao Daocheng was Xiao He's 24-generation descendant. During the Jin and Liu Song dynasties, Xiao's ancestors served as low-level officials. His father Xiao Chengzhi (??-ae?????) was a general under Emperor Wen of Liu Song, and for his contributions in campaigns against rival Northern Wei was created the Baron of Jinxing. Xiao Daocheng first studied the Confucian classics at the university set up by Emperor Wen and headed by the hermit Lei Cizong (zh:???ae???(R)?) when he was 12, but by age 15 he was serving in the military. He continued serving as a military officer during the reigns of Emperors Wen and Xiaowu (Emperor Wen's son).
By the time that Emperor Xiaowu's brother Emperor Ming and Emperor Xiaowu's son Liu Zixun were fighting for the throne in 466 after the brief reign and assassination of Emperor Xiaowu's son Emperor Qianfei, Xiao Daocheng was a general, and his allegiance was with Emperor Ming. He participated in the campaign against the army nominally commanded by Liu Zixun's brother Liu Zifang (????-?ae??) the Prince of Xunyang and governor of Kuaiji Commandery (ae???? 1/2 , roughly modern Shaoxing, Zhejiang). He subsequently defeated the army sent south by Xue Andu (????(R)??? 1/2 ) the governor of Xu Province (? 3/4 ????, modern northern Jiangsu and northern Anhui). For these contributions, Emperor Ming created

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