Rebecca De Mornay Net Worth is$9 Million
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Profession: Actor, Film Producer
Date of Birth: Aug 29, 1959
Nicknames: Rebecca Jane Pearch, Rebecca DeMornay, Rebecca J. Pearch, Rebecca George
Height: 1.664 m
Country: United States of America
Rebecca De Mornay is an American actress with a net worth of $9 million. Rebecca De Mornay gained her net worth by acting alongside Tom Cruise in the movie Risky Business. Born in Santa Rosa, California, after Monray's father died her mother took Monray to Europe where she was primarily raised in Austria and England. Mornay has also appeared as Helen McCaffrey in Backdraft and Peyton Flanders in the movie The Hand that Rocks the Cradle.
Rebecca De Mornay (born August 29, 1959) is an American film and television actress. Her breakthrough film role came in 1983, when she played Lana in Risky Business opposite Tom Cruise. Her other notable film roles include Sara in Runaway Train in 1985, Helen McCaffrey in the thriller Backdraft in 1991, her portrayal of the chillingly twisted nanny Peyton Flanders in the popular 1992 thriller The Hand That Rocks the Cradle and as Wendy Torrance in Stephen King's 1997 television adaptation of The Shining.
She was born Rebecca Pearch on August 29, 1959 in Santa Rosa, California. Her father was Wally George (n'e Pearch), a disc jockey at the time.
When she was two, her parents divorced and at the age of five, she became known by her stepfather's surname, De Mornay. She has two step-brothers: Jonathan, a businessman, and Peter, a guitarist. She attended the independent Summerhill School in Leiston, Suffolk, England, but her high school degree was awarded in Kitzb"uhel, Austria.[clarification needed] She later trained as an actress in New York at the Lee Strasberg Institute.
She had a two year relationship with actor Tom Cruise; the two lived together in New York after working together on Risky Business. She later married, secondly, to Ryan O'Neal's son, Patrick O'Neal from 1995 to 2002, which union produced two daughters. She had previously been married to Bruce Wagner.
Her film debut was a small part in Francis Ford Coppola's 1982 film One from the Heart. Soon thereafter came her star-making role as a hooker who seduces a high school student played by Tom Cruise in Risky Business. In 1986, she appeared with Starship's Mickey Thomas in the music video for the song "Sara". The song reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on March 15, 1986.
One of De Mornay's most commercially successful films came in the thriller The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. She also appeared in a 1988 remake of Roger Vadim's provocative And God Created Woman, Ron Howard's Backdraft (

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