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Profession: Songwriter, Rapper
Date of Birth: Jul 5, 1977
Nicknames: Royce Da 5'9, Royce da 5" 9, Royce Da 5'59", Royce Da 5' 9', Royce tha 5'9", Royce 5'9, Royce 5'9", Royce Da 5'9", Royce The 5-9, Royce 5-9, Ryan Montgomery
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What is Royce da 5'9?s net worth? Royce da 5'9"'s net worth is $1 million dollars. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Royce da 5'9", also known as Ryan Daniel Montgomery, began rapping while in his late teens, and signed his first record deal in 1998. Tommy Boy Records, his first label, ultimately shut down, and he secured a deal with Columbia Records. His first album, "Rock City", was leaked, and he left Columbia and re-recorded much of the material. The official release was ultimately unsuccessful, however. In the late 90s, he teamed up with Eminem, recording under the name, Bad Meets Evil. The duo released multiple tracks, and Royce da 5'9" appeared on Eminem's debut album, but the two had a falling out a few years later, and went their separate ways. He went on to release four albums, and spent a year in jail for a DUI in 2007. He and Eminem buried the hatchet in 2010, and their new collaboration, "Hell: The Sequel", was released in June of 2011. He is now recording as part of the supergroup, Slaughterhouse.
Ryan Daniel Montgomery (born July 5, 1977), better known by his stage name Royce da 5'9", is an American rapper. He is known for his longtime association with Eminem and for his solo career, recording primarily with Carlos "6 July" Broady and DJ Premier, as well as ghostwriting for the likes of Diddy and Dr. Dre. Royce is one half of the rap duo Bad Meets Evil with Eminem and also a member of hip hop group Slaughterhouse. The editors of ranked him #33 on their list of the Top 50 MCs of Our Time (1987-2007).
Ryan Montgomery was born and raised on the West side of Detroit, Michigan on W. McNichols & Wyoming Ave. He moved to Oak Park, Michigan when he was 10 years old, later acquiring the nickname "Royce" during high school after wearing a Turkish link chain with an R pendant resembling the Rolls Royce symbol. He started rapping at age 18, influenced mainly by Ras Kass, Redman, Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G. and N.W.A. He signed his first deal in 1998 with Tommy Boy Records, after the label shut down, he signed a deal with Columbia where he started recording an album called Rock City, referring to Detroit's former status as home to Motown Records. When the project was heavily bootlegged, Royce left the label for Koch to re-record some of the album, eventually releasing it in 2002 as Rock City (Version 2.0). While the album did not sell very well, the DJ Premier-produced single "Boom" gained Royce some underground recognition and eventually resulted in the two working together more closely.
Through his manager, Royce was introduced to Eminem in 1997, and the two formed a working relationship; they formed up as a duo, Bad Meets Evil, and released several tracks together. Royce appeared on Eminem's major-label debut studio album The Slim Shady LP, in which he was featured on a song called "Bad Meets Evil". Royce and Eminem also released a track called "Renegades", from which Royce's vocals would later be replaced with Jay-Z's on the latter's The Bluepr

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