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Profession: Comedian, Radio personality, Actor
Date of Birth: Oct 24, 1968
Nicknames: Salvatore C. Governale, Sal 'The Stockbroker' Governale, Salvatore Governale
Country: United States of America
Net Worth: View Sal the Stockbroker Net Worth
Sal Governale Salary What is Sal Governale aka Sal the Stock Broker's salary? $80,000 per year Sal Governale is an American comedian, radio personality, writer and former stockbroker, he has a net worth of $400 thousand. Sal Governale has earned his net worth as a writer and comedian on The Howard Stern Show. Sal aka "Sal the Stockbroker" was a stockbroker in New York City when he started making frequent call-ins to the making fun of Gary Dell 'Abate. Sal entered the "Win John's Job" contest on the show but come in second place; however he was still hired as writer for the show. Governale is known as a prankster, and is responsible for pranks calls homoerotic show stunts he performs with Richard. Both of whom claim to be straight, Sal is well-known for his crass racial humor on the show and in his stand-up appearances. He denies being a racist, however, when he tries to explain why he is not racist, he comes across as being even more racist, as in the infamous "Taped Apology" incident. There have been a lot of rumors that Sal was not a real stockbroker, but a con-artist that worked for a fly by night company that sold incent people fake stocks. However there are no official reports to back them up. Sal is part of the killers of Comedy Tour along with some other regulars from Stern's show such as; Reverend Bob Levy, Richard Christy, Jim Florentine, Yucko the Clown, and Shuli. The group tours the country performing stand up comedy, jokes and skits. On occasion they are joined by Beetlejuice, Gary the Retard, Bigfoot and The Iron Sheik. According to Howard Stern's sidekick, Artie Lange, this group of comedians is the "Hack Pack".
Throughout its run spanning four decades and multiple media, The Howard Stern Show has been home to a number of staff members and contributors.
These staffers currently work for and appear on the show on a regular, if not hourly basis.
These people currently sit in the studio throughout the entire broadcast.
Howard Stern is host of the show, which essentially is a discussion of topics that include world affairs, celebrity gossip, self-deprecation, bodily functions, conflicts among his staff, his own personal family matters, and the antics of the show's Wack Pack. Self-proclaimed "King of All Media".
Robin Ophelia Quivers is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and first met Stern after being assigned as his newswoman at WWDC in March 1981. She has been his co-host and news reader ever since. She is a former nurse and Captain in the United States Air Force. Quivers briefly left the show towards the end of her time at WWDC when Stern made a deal at WNBC in 1982, and did not realize WNBC initially refused to hire her. Quivers returned to the show at WNBC a month after Stern.
Stern once said that Quivers is the only person on the show that he would allow to talk freely during the broadcast, although comedian Artie Lange was allowed this privilege as well during his years on the show. Quivers is often teased by Stern for her luscious chest.
Of the show's staff, Stern met Norris first, in 1979, when the two worked as disc jockeys at WCCC in Hartford, Connecticut. Norris would work the overnight slot, after which Stern would host the morning slot. Although Stern left shortly afterwards, Norris stayed at WCCC until joining Stern and Quivers at Washington, D.C.'s WWDC in 1981. The "Earth Dog Fred" nickname originated in Washington, as Norris replaced an engineer nicknamed "Earth Dog Brent."
Norris is married to Allison (nee Furman) and they have one daughter, Tess.
Norris' current role on the show is to provide sound effects, organize and direct commercia

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