Sam Houser Net Worth is$80 Million
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Date of Birth: 1972
Country: England, United Kingdom
Sam Houser, a video game producer and Rockstar Games founder from the United Kingdom, has a net worth of $80 million. In addition to his net worth, he has the pride that comes with the brand that he and his brother Dan created being associated with quality in the field of video games. Even to people who have never held a controller in their lives, "Rockstar Games" is a symbol of quality, maturity, and innovation within the field of video games. Sam grew up in a house adjacent to a video store with a large selection of American crime and other genre films such as Scarface, The Godfather, and more. Sam and his brother Dan became fascinated with these films, and have cited Walter Hill's cult favorite The Warriors as a particularly strong influence on their approach to video game storytelling. It was Sam Houser who was responsible for ushering in the 3D gameplay of Grand Theft Auto sequels, which is considered by most to be one of the most integral reasons for the massive popularity that the series enjoys now. Another important reason is the controversy the games inspire due to their depiction of drug use, explicit sex, and graphic violence. See also: Dan Houser Net Worth
Sam Houser (born 24 May 1972) is an English video game producer and developer. He is the co-founder and president of Rockstar Games and one of the creative driving forces behind the games in the Grand Theft Auto-franchise, being director and producer since the third game. He is responsible for taking GTA into the 3D-environment era, creating realistic cities under fully 3D-engines and turning the series into huge profits during video gaming's sixth-generation era.
Credited as executive producer and co-writer, Houser is also the new creator of the new GTA series with his brother Dan. On Grand Theft Auto III his responsibilities were, in his words, to be "militant on ensuring the game had a look, a sound, a story and a feel that worked." His description of the series as a whole is that the three sixth-generation Grand Theft Auto games form a "trilogy, [featuring] our distorted look at the East Coast around the time of the millennium (Grand Theft Auto III), followed by our reinterpretation of '80s Miami (Vice City), and lastly, our look at early-'90s California (San Andreas)."
Despite their status as creators of Grand Theft Auto and one of the most successful video game franchises of all-time, Houser and his brother Dan have shied away from the spotlight. They have focused on the Rockstar Games brand, rather than any one person getting the credit for the games' success. As the executive producer of the GTA series, Houser has most recently produced Red Dead Redemption.

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