James bond Skyfall is on track to become the $1 Billion Dollar Jame bond movie and is surely the perfect cash machine to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the near $14 billion James bond franchise in November 2012. Before delving into describing the cool summary chart below on Money, Sex, Booz and Violence throughout the 50-year history of Bond franchise, let’s review the mind-blowing movie ticket sales performance of skyfall and some predictions about its ticket sales:

Skyfall with Daniel Craig just passed $550 million Dollar in global sales and it is on track to break $650 record in sales in just about 2 weeks after its end of October release. We predict the movie to break $800 million and $1 billion marks in global sales by late November and then by December 2012 around Christmas time.

With these numbers, Daniel Craig‘s average per movie ticket sales will surely increase from the reported $663 million Dollars as reported on the chart below which is an aggregate of couple of charts made by Economist and oBizMedia. We predict that Daniel Craig average per movie ticket sales will jump to $760 – $780 million Dollar by the end of 2012 turning Daniel Craig in to the highest grossing James Bond of all time !  Also Skyfall has now really good chance to break the Thunderball’s $1.04 Billion Dollar ticket sales record. We predict Skyfall total global movie ticket sales to reach $1.1 Billion by early 2013 making Skyfall the highest grossing James bond movie of all time.

Wanna know how sexy and boozy James bond has been ?

Money, Booze, Sex and Violence in the James Bond Franchise: A Cool Chart — GetNetWorth.com

Here are some further interesting statistics:
James Bond’s “Skyfall” had the franchise-record $90 million first weekend ticket sales at U.S. theaters including domestic IMAX ticket sales.

Sunday Nov 11 2012:
Skyfall domestic ticket sales (including IMAX): $90 million
Skyfall worldwide ticket sales (including IMAX): $518.6 million
Internationally, the 23rd Bond flick added $89 million this weekend to raise its overseas revenue to $428.6 million.

$150,000,000 (estimated)

Production Dates
January 2011 – October 2012

Filming Dates
November 2011 – May 2012

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