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Subrata Mitra (Bengali: a?,a??a??a??a??a?? a?(R)a??a??a??a??, 12 October 1930 a?? 7 December 2001) was an Indian cinematographer. Acclaimed for his work in The Apu Trilogy (1955a??1959), Mitra is often considered one of the greatest of Indian cinematographers.
At the age of 21, Mitra, who had never held a camera before, began his career as a cinematographer with Satyajit Ray, the legendary Indian film maker, for Pather Panchali (1955). He continued to work with him for many of Ray's later films. He is known for pioneering the technique of bounce lighting, while filming The Apu Trilogy. He was also a cousin of the renowned singer Uma Bose.
From 1997 until his death, Mitra taught cinematography at the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI) at Kolkata.
One of his most important technical innovations was his introduction of bounce lighting, which he pioneered while filming Aparajito (1956), the second part of The Apu Trilogy. According to the Internet Encyclopedia of Cinematographers:
His director Satyajit Ray also stated:
" Every cameraman has his own method of work innovated by his own conviction,taste,etc. One cameraman believes that he can please his audience and himself by glamourising the heroine only;another one believes that the main object of lighting and photography is to create various moods and feelings."
" I feel my most important technical innovation is the use of 'bounce lighting', induced by my love for naturalistic lighting."
" An actor can overact or underact. This equally applies to lighing and cameraman. He has to observe restraint in his work like the actor. I feel that in my own work I have a tendency to 'underact'."
" My experience in Pather Panchali were rather unusual, because before this I had never touched a movie camera or even worked as an assistant to a cameraman...Almost every shot of Pather Panchali posed a problem for me, innumerable problems, many sleepless nights spent on ruminating over the prospect

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