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Bill Gates
Bill Gates net worth is $66 billion. Bill Gates is the Microsoft co-founder and Chairman. Bill Gates owns Cascade Investment LLC which manages $35 Billion in assets.. William Henry "Bill" Gates III (born October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington) is an American business magnate, in...

Bill Gates Net Worth is $66 Billion. Bill Gates Salary is $1 Million.

Bill Gates net worth is $66 billion. Bill Gates is the Microsoft co-founder and Chairman. Bill Gates owns Cascade Investment LLC which manages $35 Billion in assets. William Henry "Bill" Gates III is an American business magnate, investor, philanthropist, and author. Gates is the former chief executive officer and current chairman of Microsoft, the software company he founded with Paul Allen. He is consistently ranked among the world's wealthiest people and was the wealthiest overall from 1995 to 2009, excluding 2008, when he was ranked third; in 2011 he was the wealthiest American and the second wealthiest person. During his career at Microsoft, Gates held the positions of CEO and chief software architect, and remains the largest individual shareholder, with 6.4 percent of the common stock. He has also authored or co-authored several books.
Gates is one of the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution. Gates has been criticized for his business tactics, which have been considered anti-competitive, an opinion which has in some cases been upheld by the courts. In the later st...
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Bill Gates Believes You Can Learn Anything

Bill Gates retweeted a video this week that says people can learn anything–as long as they’re not discouraged by difficulty. Difficulty, according to Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck, is part of the solution. Dweck talks about two mindsets ...
Posted: August 28, 2014, 7:55 am

Bill Gates Has The NRA In His Crosshairs

The NRA has been, much like the Republican Party, appealing to the fringes of its group with ever increasing efforts. However, as the pro-gun group drives itself further and further away from the middle, and deeper into the depths of the far-right, it is ...
Posted: August 27, 2014, 1:00 am

Why Bill Gates’ Claims About the Cost of Renewable Energy Are So Important to Address

Bill Gates is a very influential guy -- not just because he founded Microsoft, but also because of his powerful foundation. With a $40 billion asset trust, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one the biggest charitable organizations in the world ...
Posted: August 29, 2014, 6:41 am

Bill Gates A Threat To NRA? Billionaire Supports Gun Initiative In Washington State

Is Bill Gates becoming a threat to the NRA? NBC Right Now reports that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, have donated $1 million to a firearms Initiative that would require background checks on gun sales within the state of Washington ...
Posted: August 26, 2014, 11:13 pm

Bill Gates Donates $1 Million to Support Stricter Firearms Controls in Washington

Bill and Melinda Gates made a donation of $1 million (€730,000) to the Initiative 594 campaign to support new laws that would call for stricter firearms controls in Washington. Launched by the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, this campaign has ...
Posted: August 28, 2014, 5:55 am
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