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Buckethead Net Worth is $8 Million. Buckethead is a virtuoso guitarist, and multi instrumentalist he has a net worth of $8 million. Buckethead has built his net worth from several genres of music; he has recorded over 30 studio albums, four special r. Brian Carroll (born May 13, ...

Buckethead Net Worth is $8 Million.

Buckethead Net Worth is $8 Million. Buckethead is a virtuoso guitarist, and multi instrumentalist he has a net worth of $8 million. Buckethead has built his net worth from several genres of music; he has recorded over 30 studio albums, four special r Brian Carroll , better known by his stage name Buckethead, is a guitarist and multi instrumentalist who has worked within several genres of music. He has released 36 studio albums, four special releases and one EP. He has performed on over 50 more albums by other artists. His music spans such diverse areas as progressive metal, funk, blues, jazz, bluegrass, ambient, and avant-garde music.
Buckethead is famously known for wearing a KFC bucket on his head, emblazoned with an orange bumper sticker that read FUNERAL in capital black block letters, and an expressionless plain white costume mask. More recently, he switched to a plain white bucket that no longer bore the KFC logo, but has since switched back to his trademark KFC bucket. He also incorporates nunchucks and robot dancing into his stage performances.
An instrumentalist, Buckethead is best known for his electric guitar playing. He has been voted number 8 on a list in GuitarOne magazine of the "Top 10 Great...
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Lord Buckethead’s top 10 political moments of the year (number 1 won’t surprise you)

Since your EU referendum in 2016, Mr Clarke increasingly wears the look of a man who is watching incredulously as hundreds of parliamentary Neros fiddle while Rome burns. The Father of the House has the power of a mouse, and I find it touching (and quite ...
Posted: December 13, 2017, 4:11 am

Meet Lord Buckethead, the U.K. election's intergalactic spacelord

In the June 8 U.K. election, Prime Minister Theresa May competed for her seat with an intergalactic spacelord who goes by the name Lord Buckethead. The mysterious black-robed figure was ultimately vanquished by May in the Maidenhead showdown. He secured ...
Posted: June 9, 2017, 2:35 pm

Big Bash signals that summer of sixes is set to begin

The Buckethead Army advertising campaign is cringeworthy. Cricket Australia has allowed Kentucky Fried Chicken to use Test spectators to plug its product. Photographs and footage of the Ashes series have the backdrop of Australian fans wearing buckets on ...
Posted: December 14, 2017, 8:00 pm

Campaign Review: UberEats’ celeb spots, KFC’s Buckethead Army and Foxtel Now

In its first ever brand campaign in Australia, UberEats recruited a number of celebrities to discuss what they will be ordering from the delivery app. “This campaign is literally everywhere. If you don’t know what Boy George likes for his supper now ...
Posted: December 6, 2017, 5:00 pm

Who is Lord Buckethead? His manifesto and policies explained

You may have heard the masses chanting ‘Buckethead for Maidenhead’ around Windosr and Maidenhead polling stations last Thursday. No? Well, I’m sure you’re still interested in who Lord Buckethead is. Man stripped naked, beaten and robbed during ...
Posted: June 13, 2017, 6:33 am
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